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NETGEAR AirCard Unlock Download!

Set this (or any NetGear/Sierra Wireless AirCard) beauty FREE!
Unlock it and use it with any SIM
you want.
Download the program.
This unlocker works with ANY Sierra Wireless pr NetGear Aircard
modem (usb/pcmcia) with just a click!
For any problem, email me and timezone aside,
I will promptly answer you and give you a solution!
Please READ the included instructions.


  1. When anything else fails, read the included instructions! :)

  2. is it free or need to purchase something from you ? if yes then how much would be ? thanks

  3. You must download the program, read the instructions, run it and purchase your unlock.

  4. Yes. And if you have problems you can email me and we can solve the problem or you will be refunded. (never happened)

  5. hi, zibri. Sprint Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot can using this program or not.

  6. unlock is online or after to pay you'll send me a email whit instruccions to unlock ?

  7. The program needs to be online. Please read the instructions iside the zip file.

  8. This program is not working in windows 8.1.
    I have referred your instruction in the zip file. Each time I try this program, nothing pops-up and in my process window, I do not see any process referring the unlocker software.

  9. Please update .NET:

  10. pls help me fix the problem of my device Sierra Wireless 754s SIM MEP Locked.can u contact from my email

  11. can you unlock netgear AC790S pocket router

  12. If you send me one I can try.

  13. So, if I decide to purchase an unlock code from you for my 763s, how much does it cost?

  14. download my program, read the instructions and run the program. you will know then.

  15. it doesn't work :( said Initializing only

  16. Check the instructions. You need the correct .NET Frameworks and a clean win 7 64 pc. It works also on windows 8 with the correct frameworks.

  17. I can't get the .NET Framework to install correctly on my windows 7 PC (it keeps giving an error saying it didnt install correctly) anyway I gave up and it installed just fine on my windows vista computer but when it asks for the code or BUY it opens up internet explorer and won't open the page like I'm not connected to the internet. (I'm connected to my iphone as that is my only way to connect using a non-sierra device). Your help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

  18. Sorry, you must connected to the internet to do the unlock. Do it from a wired pc.

  19. can unlock netgear aircard 790s ?

  20. If you send me one I will look into it and provide an unlock.

  21. If you send me one I will look into it and provide an unlock.

  22. does it unlocks Netgear 790s ? have you tried ?

  23. I don't have the device. Donate one and I will make tests...

  24. Same... Netgear 790s.. any updates?

  25. If nobody sends me one there will be no updates.


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