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James R. Kirk :)

As a Star Trek fan I'm suprised I only noticed this today after watching again and again the series on my beloved dvds. No big deal, I just wanted to share this funny thing.

Movie piracy...

Many movies are pirated using a camerain theaters.Maybe some of you don't knowthat any camera "sees" infrared light.To test it, pick your camera and aima remote (your tv remote is ok) at it.You will see the infrared L.E.D. blinking.Well.. I was thinking...What if many infrared leds will be put behindthe projecting screen in theaters?The IR light won't be seen by people.But it will appear in recorded videos :)Obviously this could be defeated putting an IRfilter on the cam lenses.. but that's the road imho :)

And he said... BOOM!

Here we are again!When Steve says something it usually happens...So what do we have here?A video.Yes a stupid nasty video which can crashANY iPod/iPhone.A different version of this videocan even crash many pc applications.Apple was contacted and a mailwas sent to bugtraq mailing list.Only a Forbes journalist showed up.You will read about it on Forbes on monday.Later that day the video will be postedhere for further "booms"Clicking on the picture above after monday will crash your iPod/iPhone but it won't harm it.

Secrets..oh secrets!

Picture by erregiro
Secrets, hidden things, I really hate this.It's common practice nowadays for companiesto sell devices that can do many things butlocked and constrained to do only one or two.So, when you buy a device you don't knowthe many things it can do.Let's see an example:Sierrawireless produces astonishing 3G cards;AT&T disables the top 7.2mb/s speed and theinternal GPS (yes! AC881 and 881U do havean internal GPS unit!).On such units there are a lot of undocumentedcommands (AT commands).If you happen to have one of these cards,try this from hyperterminal, putty orany terminal program connected to the cardAT command port:AT!HSDCAT=8 (for 7.2mb)This will set the HSDPA category to 8.The default is 6 (3.6mb/s)There is also a command to set the HSUPA category:AT!HSUCAT=5 (2mb/s upload)andAT!HSUCAT=3 (1.4 mb/s upload)
About the GPS, things are a little more difficultbut I could enable it on any card with a simpleone-click program.Stay tuned.Zibri

Welcome !

Photo courtesy of floridapfeWelcome on this new site.Here you will find news thoughts and various things.I hope you'll like it.Zibri