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Unleash your ADSL horses!

Hello! I just made a discovery I want to share with you:As a few of you may know, on broadcom based adsl modems/routers there is a command line utility which allows to tweak the adsl physical connection.This command is adslctl and accepts many parameters.One of them is SNR which is used to force a lower (or higher) SNR.On the information page you will see that there is a maximum speed achievable on your own line due to noise, distance and quality and then you read the actual connection speed.An example:Max(Kbps): 18420 1027Rate (Kbps): 17972 1013If you issue the commandadslctl configure --snr 1You are telling the modem to set the minimum SNR(it may not give you any performance improves on a very noisy line)thus allowing the modem to 'hook' at higher speed.Since my line performed very well with snr=1 I wondered if it could be possible to lower the snr below 1. Then I thought that the variable used in the code is a signed WORD sosince a negative value is not possible why not try…