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Showing posts from June 6, 2010

Huge bug in's the exploit!

A huge bug has been found in IE7 and IE8 If your browser is bugged, and if you are running XP and IE7/IE8, this site will harmlessly launch SOLITAIRE on your PC, but keep in mind that with this bug around anyone can execute ANYTHING on your pc remotely. Click here to run the exploit WATCH OUT!

New iPhone 4 unveiled!

Here we go (for real!). Let's sum it up: 960x640 display (ips and 800:1 contrast ratio) HSDPA/HSUPA connectivity. 720p @ 30fps video recording and editing. A gyroscope! 5 MP camera. Front-facing camera and obviously, video calls. FLASH! (led flash :P ) I think you know all other features. The most interesting one IMHO is the gyroscope and the ANTENNA which is now the border of the phone. That should guarantee a MUCH better signal. (You read this here first, remember!) What to say... I think I'll accept this one as a gift (not like the iPad). ;) If you want to send me one, I'll see what I can do with it (hacking-wise) Namaste, Zibri

The Next iPhone HD!

iPhone HD: 64 GB 5 colors. Higher screen resolution. front facing camera flash! (on rear camera :P ) A4 CPU longer battery life In other words: a portable iPad and it can place calls :) An "iPad mini" :P IMHO: nothing new. But i BET it will sell A LOT. But a few months (6-12) after this, Android will start to take over the world. Oh.. and obviously the picture above is a FAKE :)