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Hidden things are usually the best :)

Well, what to say? The best feature I've seen in blackberry phones is hidden! Let's unhide it! On 8900 and 9000 (for example) press ALT+CAP+H. You will get to the "Help Me!" screen. That screen is not really what you think it is. It's a crippled engineering screen. How to uncripple it? Enter on the above form the data you see on your 'crippled' screen. For App Version you must include the space and parethesis. For Uptime, just enter the number. After filling all the form, you'll get your key. To enter it just press the keys. (You won't see anything) Use ALT for numbers and normal keys for the characters. To enter C8, for example, you will have to type: c then ALT+x As soon as you have entered all 8 characters you will see the above screen every time you will press ALT+CAP+H Stay tuned, Namaste! Zibri