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YouTube transcripts are not QUITE perfect...

Do you want to laugh out loud?! Go to YouTube and enable subtitles to this iPad video: Here is a full transcription: it is true win-win something it's seats your ability to understand how it works it's it it becomes magical and and that's exactly what the electorate hope to see you have some simpson since finances possibly said I call it was a and we've learned so much from and it helps so many basic technology of the applications the baltic countries are going to face it was truly incredible we wanted to take over I'm to hold a possible the new experience experience it's going to change it's the way we can things we do every day they support it he's pretty much too single piece of mao as well and that's it that isn't even a single currency there's no obvious he's in the right way wrong way of home I think to change myself should the product it treats me we looked at the device undecided to r