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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Huawei E585 Unlock download!

Here is the unlocker for you to download!

1) very fast (2-3 seconds)
2) Compatible with Xp, Vista and Win7
3) easy to use.


Download the program.
Run the program.

Donate via paypal and PASTE the confirmation number of your donation.
The transaction id should work after a minute from your donation.
Donate using the window opened by the program.

The code will work only on the PC you run the program.
This program works only with Huawei E585.

Send me an email if you need an unlimited version.
(Unlimited number of unlocks)

If the program says "Connect card." that means that E585 drivers
are not installed correctly.
Remove any "wifi manager" and old drivers,
then reinstall E585 drivers from it's virtual cdrom.

Please be sure that you have run "autorun.exe" which should have
appeared in a pop-up window when you first inserted the Mifi.  This is
required to install all the drivers that are needed for the
modification.  If you have not done this
you may see a message "Connect card."

You also have to switch it ON pressing
 the button on the right side of the E585.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Huawei E585 Unlocked!

E585 Unlocked after less than an hour from
receiving it.
Thanks to Tobias who
donated the unit.

Stay tuned for a quick release of the unlock.

This time, no progress bar, one click, one second, done.