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Samsung SSD firmware encoder/decoder.

Here is a little program that can obfuscate and deobfuscate Samsung SSD firmware files.
I'm against obfuscation because it's a stupid malpractice aimed only to keep off unliterate people.
Use as you please and drop me a comment/email if it was useful to you.
Donations are welcome.

#include <stdio.h>#define HI_NIBBLE(b) (((b) >> 4) & 0x0F)#define LO_NIBBLE(b) ((b) & 0x0F)FILE*infile; FILE*infile2; FILE*outfile; int i, j, t; char table[2][16] = { {0x1, 0x3, 0x5, 0x7, 0x9, 0xb, 0xd, 0xf, 0xe, 0xc, 0xa, 0x8, 0x6, 0x4, 0x2, 0x0}, {0xf, 0x0, 0xe, 0x1, 0xd, 0x2, 0xc, 0x3, 0xb, 0x4, 0xa, 0x5, 0x9, 0x6, 0x8, 0x7} }; intmain (int argc, char*argv[]) { if (argc <=3) printf ("Usage: %s enc/dec infile outfile\n", argv[0]); else { infile = fopen (argv[2], "r"); outfile = fopen (argv[3], "w"); while (1) { i = fgetc (infile); if (feof (infile)) break; if (strcmp (argv[1], "enc") ==0) {…