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I kept this image for a long time know, but I knew I would have used it for a post sooner or later. Finally developers fought back piracy of iPhone apps: with a simple yet effective method they are securing their apps so that if you crack them (any of them) your iPhone will be blacklisted. As a bonus, any developer can choose not to allow anyone who cracked ANY app to run theirs. To get deleted from the blacklist, fairly enough, you have to buy all cracked apps. As I already told you, I stopped developing ZiPhone when I noticed the MAIN reason the most of you used it was to install cracked applications. In short: I am the one who allowed you to use the iPhone worldwide when that wasn't possible. The "others" are the ones allowing you to run cracked apps. And stop bragging about "freedom" since the "alternate" download services are now just a hypocritical way to circumvent the AppStore. In a single word: black market. To Apple: learn from developers: it