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Native TomTom for Windows & Mac!

Many of you are surely familiar with the image above, but if you inspect the image carefully you will notice something 'weird'... Yep! No tricks. This image is 960x544 (without the footer with the buttons). How did that happen?! :) Well this "TomTom" is running natively under windows. I know, there's no such a thing. And NO, it's not windows emulating something that is running tomtom! Thrilled? Many people think that the application TomTomHOME connects to the device and "somehow" runs the software in there... Wrong. TTHome uses a DLL which is, as a matter of fact, the FULL TomTom navcore application compiled for windows and mac! So, I modified the TTHome application to get the coordinates from a GPS! As simple as that! All that is needed is the tomtom application and your original tomtom SD card containing maps and firmware (which is checked but not used). The image above is a cropped screenshot of my PC with just my sdcard in my cardreader. Obviousl