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Friday, January 21, 2011

Next iPad/Iphone baseband: QUALCOMM

Hello back!
Tired of all rumors and "undisclosed sources" of the last week
roll of blog posts around the web, I decided to dig the matter
to get a definitive answer.
In the picture above you see a "chunk" of code
from the latest iTunes.
Maybe, for the most of you, names like
"partition.mbn" or "AMSS.MBN" means little or nothing.
For me and a few others that means only one thing:
Those files are the building blocks of any Qualcomm baseband.

So I can tell you that the next wave of iProducts will be using
a QUALCOMM baseband.
Which one I don't know... maybe the iPad2, maybe the iPhone5
most probably all of them.
What is clear is that they are testing them using the same iTunes
you have on your hard drives.

If you post this information on your blog,
remember to link back to THIS post.


Oh.. by the way.. this could only apply to CDMA versions...
As I said, I am not yet sure what models will feature this baseband but I'm sure some will and are already in the final testing phase.


Zibri said...

If you are curious:

PARTITION.MBN = Flash Partition table
OSBL = OEM Boot Loader
AMSS.MBN = Main baseband OS (Application OS)
DBL.MBN = Device Boot Loader

Unknown said...

Thanks for qualcomm baseband info.
In the picture above I see files belong to Infineon baseband: stack.fls, ebl.fls,...
Could you please explain what these files mean?

Zibri said...

Hi Triet, glad you noticed that.

That section of the code is for flashing and "fusing" the baseband.
Since the device could be an iphone4 or ipad or anything, there is code both for infineon baseband and qualcomm basebands.

Larry Wheeler said...

I think most qualcomm basebands including gsm use the file structure you posted about. What other proof suggest cdma?

Zibri said...

Well there is no proof in that section about the model the code is referring to.
So it can be for cdma devices or for the new ones or all of them... If I will find out more you will know :)

Unknown said...

can you confirm one of my theory about the locking mechanism of the iphone: i think that the lock occurs when users connect the iphone for the first time with itunes and the iphone they bought was scanned with the carrier sim card on the SAME TRANSACTION. by syncing it the first time of course you HAVE TO BE connected on the internet and have the sim inside, otherwise it wont work. im in canada and i bought iphone 4 officialy unlock and at the store they scanned a special code on the same iphone purchase and after that they make another purchase with the free sim card of my choice and im unlock officially.

Zibri said...

@robert: I can't confirm it 100% but I think that's exactly what "fusing" is.

Unknown said...

Hello, is there an unlock available for the Huawei-M860?

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