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Huawei 3UK E585 (new version) Unlock download!

Here is the unlocker for you to download!

This unlocker works *only* with the new
E585 from 3UK with firmware version

1) very fast (2-3 seconds)
2) Compatible with Xp, Vista and Win7
3) easy to use.


Download the program.
Run the program.

Donate via paypal and PASTE the confirmation number of your donation.
The transaction id should work after a minute from your donation.
Donate using the window opened by the program.

The code will work only on the PC you run the program.
This program works only with Huawei E585.

Send me an email if you need an unlimited version.
(Unlimited number of unlocks)

If the program says "Connect card." that means that E585 drivers
are not installed correctly.
Remove any "wifi manager" and old drivers,
then reinstall E585 drivers from it's virtual cdrom.

Please be sure that you have run "autorun.exe" which should have
appeared in a pop-up window when you first inserted the Mifi.  This is
required to install all the drivers that are needed for the
modification.  If you have not done this
you may see a message "Connect card."

You also have to switch it ON pressing
 the button on the right side of the E585.

For the best result:

1) turn ON the e585 (invalid sim on display)
2) install drivers and then disconnect the e585
3) run my program and enter the code.
4) connect the e585 when my program asks.
5) wait and be happy :)


  1. Can you unlock Huawei (Vodafone) R201

  2. Send me a locked one and I will :)

  3. Contact me using email.. I think that might be the same as e585 and you may use one of my programs.

  4. Uhmm.. I just looked at it..
    Yes.. you should use my latest unlocker (the one in this post)

  5. Hello Zibri. My e585 dongle recognizes the SIM card and the network type but it doesnt connect to the Internet. Does this need unlocking? I dont have any problems using the SIM card with my laptop.

  6. Hi Zibri. My e585 dongle recognizes the provider and the network type but it doesnt connect to the internet. Is this a sign that is locked? I dont have problems using my SIM card with my laptop.

  7. Well.. it depends.. if it says "Wrong SIM" then it needs unlocking :) If not.. it needs configuring :D

  8. Hello Zibri.Vodafone Hotspot R201 can you unlock?Thanks

  9. Hi Zibri :)
    i was wandering if i buy a pocketwifi and unlock it would it work overseas.
    I live in australia and will be going to china, would it be able to work with the sims there?

  10. Yes.. huawei *is* from china :)
    Obviously you need 3g/umts/hsdpa coverage.

  11. R201 can be unlocked by code?What is the price?can you write a tutorial for this?Thanks

  12. crissty: download and RUN my program, then pay the code, then enter the code in my program.

  13. The unlocker is the same for e585 UK

  14. I cant find your email address. I'd like to get an unlimited unlocker

  15. i need an unlimited unlocker!!! how do i get this pls?

  16. My email address is on top of the paypal donation page.

  17. Don't worry... the same code works on both programs (but not on the australian one)

  18. i have to say that despite some minor errors which i made and frustrated the hell out of me,Zibri was very responsive to my email queries. Once i finally re-read the instructions properly and applied them i was able to unlock the E585 in less that 13 seconds. Great work Zibri!!!!! So, Zibri, how many unlocks do i get with the unlimited version? is it as unlimited as unlimited means?

  19. How many? Infinite as long as the program works with that model.

    The cost? Less than 10 unlocks.

  20. Hi Zibri, i know it's out off topic. But i still remember your great work with first generation of iPhone - are you able to Unlock New iphones, with latest basebands? Seems like dev team is having more and more delays on jailbreaks and unlocks.

  21. @Patrikcze: they will slowly bury themselves.

    Lately they made a mess.. a lot of destroyed phones. Software PATCHES... whatever!

    The last good hack was COMEX's (who is NOT parte of the dev team, by the way)

    No.. no more iPhone... at the moment I'm digging some 'droids' :)

  22. What about iPhone 4 ? there is any method?
    can you work on it?


  23. can you help us at least for the last time?
    there is anywhere a program like yours in the past...

  24. @Skyflyer: when the iPhone4 was released I offered my help, I was asking for someone to send an iPhone4 because I was still happy with my first generation iPhone. Nobody sent one.
    I know that the self called "dev team" is making a lot of mistakes and crappy software...
    And I can't say I'm sad for that ;)

  25. Hi Zibri,

    Do you know whether the Huawei e585 is the same as Huawei e5832s? The e5832s is the pocket mifi offered from a Hong Kong Carrier named PCCW. Can they share the same firmware?



  26. does the e5832 have a display or oleds?
    If it has a display then you should use e585 unlocker on it.
    If it has oleds then you should user e5830 unlocker.

  27. Hi Zibri,

    Just wanted to double check with you. I've downloaded the UnlockE585_v4.exe file. My antivirus scans it as Worm.W32. Have you heard of this problem? I would like to use this program but obviously concerned about running this file.



  28. Don't worry, it's a false positive due to the protection scheme I used.
    The unlockers are totally safe.

  29. @scrump contact me by EMAIL. not here.

  30. Can you unlock a "3" huawei e585 to work on the AT&T 3G network in the USA?

  31. Yes.. I can unlock any model but if it will work or not depends on the hardware and specifications not about the unlock.

  32. I'm running your programme - but it has been saying "Almost Done" for a very long time now. Any suggestions?

  33. MSimkin: the rogram should have already finished.
    If not.. just reset the card and the pc.. remove the sim from the card, and try again.

  34. So if I buy a new Huawei E585 on 3UK pay as you go and use your software to unlock it I'll be able to use other sim cards in it from different mobile networks? How much does the donation to you need to be to make the software work?

  35. Yes.
    To use the software you must purchase a code.
    To do so, run the program and it will tell you :)

  36. Thanks, got the E585 followed instructions all worked! Other sims now work, just need to work out the network settings for different sims now.

  37. Unlocked like clockwork thanks dude, its still not connecting though, zibri how do I get the settings and more importantly how do I apply it to the unit to make it work once I get them. Thanks a mill mate.

  38. I'm not the Huawei help center :)
    You need to create a new profile using the web interface and logging in as Admin (password is Admin).
    Then you must create a new profile and then set it as default.

  39. I keep hearing that I need to set a new profile using the web interface. What web interface? Is that http://3.home? That looks no different from before...

  40. The page is not different indeed. After unlock if you use a different SIM (not from 3UK/3AU) you will need to login in that page usind Admin (as user and password) and then setup a new profile for the new sim. Then set the new profile as default.

  41. Hi, does this work with the version sold in 3 shops right now?
    So if I go and buy one right now, I can use this application?

  42. Hi, how is progress with the R201 unlocking going. I want to buy one and use in Italy. Is this possible and how much? Thanks

  43. It's not going anywhere. Nobody donated a unit for me to test. If you are interested I have a couple of e5830 and a couple of e585. All new.
    You can send me an email if interested.

  44. I have made a donate via Paypal for unlock e585 3UK, but when I put the Paypal code, the software says "Wrong Code". Can you help me?. Thanks!. Germán.

  45. German: you can't use a donation code.
    You must BUY a code FROM the program.


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