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Huawei E585 Unlocked!

E585 Unlocked after less than an hour from
receiving it.
Thanks to Tobias who
donated the unit.

Stay tuned for a quick release of the unlock.

This time, no progress bar, one click, one second, done.



  1. In the picture above, a Huawei E585 with a T-Mobile SIM and roaming on a WIND (Italy) network :)

  2. Excellent news. Any idea how soon? (you knew that would be the first question ;) )

  3. The program is ready. I am going to do some testing then releasing. A few days.

  4. Here's another screenshot:

  5. Fantastic news! Looking forward to it coming out! You will definatly have a donation from me!

    Do you need any testers?

  6. is it ( the software ) works with the same method like E58xx ? or using new method ?

    you are a very helpful guy keep it up bro

  7. No, thanks. But I'm gonna need donations or this will sadly be my last donation-based program.

  8. @hasanmh: no. Totally different method. If the previous method would have worked you would have been using the same unlock program :)

  9. Zibree! you are a genius "lad"!

  10. Well, you will have my donation!

    Do you think that you will ever do a blog post ( or series of blog posts) to detail the process you go through and how you come about these unlocks? Tools you use, technical details about what is happening etc? I would be really interested in knowing more but just don't know where to get started resource wise



  11. Awesome news, I will happly donate...

    espeicaly if you do a telnet hack to :)

  12. @sebastian:

    I'm working on the telnet hack right now.
    Good news: telnetd is there.
    Bad news: the previous enable hack does not work.

    Good news:
    I just dumped all the filesystem(s). 5 partitions this time.

    Bad news:
    the E585 hardware is EXACTLY the same of E5830.

    Amoled display.
    Only one button.

    The E5830 is BETTER.

    The firmwares should be compatible.


  13. Ciao Zibri,
    perché il e5830 é migliore del e585?

  14. L'ho appena spiegato.

    Perche' e' identico e ha 2 bottoni in piu' :)

  15. Ma allora non si puó condividere in wifi la microsd come un nas?
    Grazie in anticipo per la risposta.
    Complimenti per il tuo lavoro

  16. Si' ha un'interfaccia web dove puoi mettere in upload file e scaricarli.. una cosa rozza ma efficace.

  17. Update: beta testing is going well.. a few minor glitches but the unlock program definetely works.

    This time the program will have a prtection scheme, a serial number.

    So you will have to donate first, then get your unique serial number from me.

    Stay tuned.

    If you are interested in a professional version (unlimited unlocks) write me an email.

  18. personalmente penso che sia piu sicuro il tuo pregrammino, ma volevo avere la tua opinione se possibile.

  19. hey, love the work,was a big fan of the 5830 unlock, just been reading up on how you are going with this 585 project, love it!, i had been a user of the 5830 and it was a awesome lil device, sadly now it is no longer here but i do have a 585 to try it out on! if you need a few more units to test it out on let me know and ill see what i can do! have you got a email that i can contact you at? i have a few questions, thanks ash

  20. Il mio programma trova ed inserisce in automatico il codice di sblocco corretto. E' sicuro al 100%.

  21. hi. having real problems. unlocked it fine but i can't a: get the password to be recognised to connect to it (even after a hard reset) - it just comes up with a connection timeout and b: i need to get on the profile manager but it won't allow me to do that either (apple mac a problem here?). Profile Manager seems way too flaky to really work. any ideas? many thanks, Nick

  22. Sorry, I don't know. This isn't a huawei support line, you know :)

    Probably you have to configure APN using the webserver embedded in the e585.

  23. i know.. sorry! interesting thing though.. just found that safari has a problem getting access to the 3.home page... i needed to use Chrome as a browser. I'll let you know if i get anywhere with the rest of it. thanks again for everything


  24. setup nice and easy - worked a treat, thanks Zibri

  25. You must setup a new profile with your provider settings. Do that from the web interface.

  26. Worked great for me - have it working with 3, o2 and T-Mobile without changing settings, not properly tried my Vodafone sim yet...

  27. Just unlocked my 585, now when I put my T-Mobile sim in, it comes up with some random numbers in the display rather than displaying the operator.

  28. Fantastic, unlocked in seconds.

    Make sure you run it as Administrator in Windows 7 though, that stumped me for a bit.

  29. hi, i unlocked through your software, i cannot get access through a o2-uk sim, it keeps saying connecting-->disconnected. however t-mobile sim is well working.
    do you have any advice to fix this problem?

  30. That's normal and it's not a "problem" :)

    You need tosetup a profile for the new provider.

    Access the web interface and login with "Admin" as password.

  31. hi i have unlocked my huawei e585 using your software. i also set up a new profile for my provider, and the display shows the provider's name. however, i cannot connect to the internet via wifi. what should i do?

  32. Does the UK unlock for the E585 work for the Irish 3 model?


  33. Honestly I've never seen one. But I can bet that one of my 3 unluckier will work.

    Do this. Buy the v4 unluckier and try it... If it says connect card, download the v2 unluckier and use the same code.

    If they both fail then drop me an email and I will solve this with you.

  34. Hi, I don't need to unlock my e585 (because it's simlock free) But I want to add a SMS-API to the device.. Do you have any leads on how tot telnet into the device or get a serial connection (perhaps trough usb...) or anything useful so I can access the web interface source.. Thanx in advance!


  35. I'm half-way to there... I can read it's filesystem but I can't write it. (So the answer for now is NO)

  36. Just for info, as this blog post comes up near the top of a google search for using the E585 on Wind in Italy, I was having the same problems as people above. Zibri's answer about setting up a profile gave me the clue I needed but for less technical people, you need to log on to the device via the web interface by going to 3.home and logging in with a password of Admin (case sensitive). In advanced settings, Connection Settings, Profile Settings, you need to change APN to Static. Your mobile provider should be able to give you the APN value that you then need to enter but in the case of WIND it's simply "internet.wind" .


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