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New Apple bug (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

I just found a nasty bug in MobileSafari:
It's not a dangerous one but it could prevent
a page to be shown on Apple devices.

Click on the image to trigger the bug!

This bug causes Safari to open a new browser page
recursively and indefinetely.
Even closing safari doesn't help: it opens again.

This bug combined to other bugs already exploited
could lead to more dangerous exploits.

(To stop the bug keep pressing the home button)


  1. hi sir please make a new software to change imei number on the iphone 3g 3.1.3 bb 5.9
    please sir

  2. Mi sa che hanno risolto, perché si apre il bug reporter, ma basta cliccare su indietro per tornare a questa pagina!

    Uso Pad

  3. Sarebbe anche ora.. ma su iPod ancora si incasina...

  4. Testimonianza che ti seguono anche loro....eheh

  5. Hi Zib, a couple of questions, did you get a new iPhone 4? Can we expect a Ziphone 4 for it?

    The other thing that's been driving me nuts. Do you know how can I get to connect an iPhone 3G to a Linksys WRT54GS SRX 400 with WPA-PSK security (I don't want to change this because my father set it up so he could connect to his office pc and I don't want to mess that up). The thing is I can get the iphone to connect to the internet, surf and even use some apps to use it as a mouse with my pc but after 10 minutes or so the wifi crashes and I have to reset the router plus I think the internet slows down while I have it connected. Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance..

  6. Nope. Nobody provided an Iphone. And no ZiPhone is planned for now.

  7. Will you ever update ZiPhone if tou ever get an iPhone? Have you forgotten the old good times?

  8. Hmm, this bug doesn't work on an iPhone 4, it just goes to the Apple bug report page. :P

  9. Please make a new software to change imei number on the iphone 3g/3gs/4. There are a lot people in Turkey and South Korea are depending on that. These people will donate for that. Here is an example,

  10. Hmm.. there is not a lot of demand for that and I don't even have an iPhone 3G, 3Gs nor 4G... I still have my first generation iPhone :)

  11. But, there are more than 17224 people who did imei change to their first generation iPhone.
    It is because there are 17224 unique visitors at which is hosting customer uograde firmware for imei changed first generation iPhone.
    All of these people and many others are looking for imei change to their iphone 3g/3gs/4.
    If you make a donation based software to change imei number for iphone 3g/3gs/4, you may make $200,000.

    If you do not trust the counting at, you can do a better estimate of how many people did imei change to their first generation iPhone by counting how many people downloaded ziphone after version 2.0 came out.
    It is because after the first generation iPhone upgraded to version 2.0 or above, ziphone does not work. But, people keep on downloading ziphone after version 2.0 came out. Why? it is because most of those people who use ziphone to do imei change. If you count the download numbers from version 2.0 came out day to today, you can estimate how many people who changed imei number to their first generation iPhone.

  12. Well... when and if I will get an iPhone4 I will look at that...

  13. Hello zibri. I know a lot of individuals who would really appreciate some type of imei-changing based program not only for 1st and 2nd gens, but for newer iPhone versions like the 3G or 3GS with newer firmwares and basebands and bootloaders. Me and a couple of my friends are sick of att trying to FORCE us Into there ridiculous and unnecessary data plans, in which we don't use their cellular dataservices. Please help us with this problem. No others seem to want to try and create this type of program, i don't know If it's because they can't or just lazy. Please please please help zibri. Love much, #15


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