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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Shattered iPhone :,(

A sad thing happened yesterday.
I was watching a movie,
at the end of the movie I looked at my iPhone
which was charging on it's base and
I saw something strange on the display:
at first I thought about dust, but after a closer inspection
I noticed the glass was totally shattered.
No apparent reason.
It didn't fell (in that moment).

I think the 'cause' was the movie sound.
The movie was "Public Enemy (2009)" and there were
lots of automatic guns firing all the time.
That kind of sound is able to crash glasses if sufficiently loud.
The strange thing is that this one wasn't so loud.

I saw that many people in France had the same problem.
I'm curious to know if they were listening to loud music or what.

Obviously this iPhone was imported from US (and I live in Italy).
I don't think Apple will ever contact me to ease my pain...

...but who knows?!



Unknown said...

Zibri, sorry for that...check in ebay you can find more spare parts

Unknown said...

zibri...sorry for that, check in ebay for spare parts

Zibri said...

unfortunately the glass can be mounted by itself. You must buy the whole display, which costs 92$ or 80 eur.
Fortunately I have another 8gb 2g gen iPhone.
The 16gb will be repaired next week presumably.

Manno said...

it's the 3gs? i've a glass if you want...

Zibri said...

Nope.. it's the 1st generation iPhone.
Anyhow the glass alone can't be changed even if they sell it on ebay.

Unfortunately you have to change the whole display :(

There is no way to separate the glass from the display without destroying both.

An said...

Hi from another italian 2g owner, it is impossible that a sound could break the glass in that way without first breaking your ears! The only thing possible it's HEAT SHOCK, even if the glass of the iphone it's a really hard crystal it could be overheated during the battery charge and then after a fast cooling...CRASH

Almighty said...

Hey I thought we had a deal with 20 eur .. :D

Zibri said...

No way, Pete :)

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