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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

E5830 unlock near to be released!

Ok guys and gals,
the program WORKS!

I now need a beta tester with
a *LOCKED* "UK" E5830.

Leave me your email in a comment,
I won't publish the comment and contact you.
MSN is preferred for chatting while testing
Skype and a voip line is even better.

Come on!
You'll be the first to try it!
(No harm can be done to your card)


It has a funny anti-mass-unlocker protection.
At program start you will have to enter
the TITLE of a post on this blog
posted on the date/time shown
by the program itself.

In the example above:
date shown was: 2009-09-24 and time was 14:00
The title of that post was "Success! :)"

Got it? It's easy.


m1n1s said...

await your contact ;)

uk 3g huawei e5830

Unknown said...

2009-09-24 14:00

Zibri said...

m1n1s: how can I contact you?

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