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Native TomTom for Windows & Mac!

Many of you are surely familiar with the image above, but if you inspect the image carefully you will notice something 'weird'...

Yep! No tricks.
This image is 960x544 (without the footer with the buttons). How did that happen?! :)
Well this "TomTom" is running natively under windows. I know, there's no such a thing.
And NO, it's not windows emulating something that is running tomtom! Thrilled?
Many people think that the application TomTomHOME connects to the device and "somehow" runs the software in there...
TTHome uses a DLL which is,
as a matter of fact, the FULL TomTom navcore application compiled for windows and mac!
So, I modified the TTHome application to get the coordinates from a GPS! As simple as that!
All that is needed is the tomtom application and your original tomtom SD card containing maps and firmware (which is checked but not used).
The image above is a cropped screenshot of my PC with just my sdcard in my cardreader.
Obviously this works with any 'simulated' navcore version (dll). The only drawback is that as you may have noticed in TTHome,
the emulated device is a bit slow because it doesn't use your graphic card, but your CPU.
By the way, the output resolution is limited by your monitor and will...
As of now there is still much to do but it's a start.

Stay tuned for more to come!



  1. If you are *VERY* good with NPAPI and XULRUNNER *AND* browser plugin coding, please contact me.

    Execute the code below to contact me:

    echo email me|sed 's0e0?0;sama#a;smam@m;
    s!@!b!;sp p@p;su#umu;sc$c#.c;sqiq!q;

  2. Nice find Zibri, as always you amaze me with your articles. That is because you are the first to discover such a thing ;)


  3. As of now, the hack lets you put coordinates in a file which is read once a second by the emulator (for testing).
    In a few days I will code a routine to directly read the serial port qhere your GPS is and directly use that.

  4. hello teacher zibri,
    as always surprises me to see that is a phenomenon.
    thanks, thanks a thousand times thank you for your knowledge, and when you think that we may provide that any wonder that you've created?

  5. hola maestro:
    esta magnifica creacion suya, la puede compartir con nosotros?
    estoy impaciente por poder verlo con mis propios ojos, solo comentarle a usted, que es el rey del gps, a sus pies maestro
    hello teacher.
    this magnificent creation yours, you can share with us?
    I can not wait to see it with my own eyes, just tell you, he is the king of gps, teacher at his feet

  6. Hello

    I would like to try this.
    Can you give link?



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