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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When I heard the new blackberry 8900 was
'difficult to unlock' I got curious.
The BB security is nothing compared to the iPhone's.
Do you want to laugh?
I initially thought this unit had a defective display..
do you see that strange stripe of dotted vertical lines?
Well.. putting a ruined image as the default background
is a really nice joke... RIM, you got me on this.
If anyone else have "secure" devices for me to test,
you're welcome to send them in ;)
Happy holidays,


DanExtreme said...

Are you planning to release that? Does that "procedure" works on htc phones? hey! again... thanks 4 all the great work you have done! seriously!

dsaw said...

Nice Zibri!
Always looking forward to see a new post!

Good luck with testing!

Unknown said...

i am really confused as to what you have achieved above? sorry ur post is not clear

tramuyodotcom said...

i thought ur "ruined" test wont work for newer BB devices... or yes?

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