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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Qualcomm chips insecurity.

Since I can't be too far from phones and alikes,
I started studying Qualcomm chips.
These chips are included in a LOT of data cards
and MANY phones (blackberry,
android based phones, etc)
Well Security on these chips (all of them)
is ridiculous compared to competitors.
Now, let me tell you one thing:
I found a way to know the unlock code
(SP lock, sim lock, network lock, whatever)
directly from the card with a simple procedure.
For now I won't spread this information.
I will wait sometime and give time to
qualcomm or any company producing
phones or cards based on qualcomm chips
to contact me.
If you want to contact me,
you can write your message and
contact as a comment to this post.


DanExtreme said...

Who is back? :D

Unknown said...

How can i contact you personally any email or IM?

Zibri said...

Leave a message here with your email. It won't be published. (Finding my email is not so difficult anyhow :) ) said...

How fascinating!
... Your discovery and the b/w photo said...

Sono curioso di sapere qual'è la procedura di cui parli e come hai fatto a trovarla. Se hai tempo e voglia, puoi dirmi di più? ^__^

Mahbub Hardjanto said...
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