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Jailbreaking consequences
I kept this image for a long time know, but I knew
I would have used it for a post sooner or later.
Finally developers fought back piracy of iPhone apps:
with a simple yet effective method they are securing
their apps so that if you crack them (any of them) your iPhone will be blacklisted.
As a bonus, any developer can choose not to allow anyone who cracked ANY app to run theirs.
To get deleted from the blacklist, fairly enough, you have to buy all cracked apps.
As I already told you, I stopped developing ZiPhone when I noticed the MAIN reason the most of you used it was to install cracked applications.
In short:
I am the one who allowed you to use the iPhone worldwide when that wasn't possible.
The "others" are the ones allowing you to run cracked apps.
And stop bragging about "freedom" since the "alternate" download services are now just a hypocritical way to circumvent the AppStore.
In a single word: black market.
To Apple:
learn from developers: it's time you implement the same mechanism
and stop this theft. Developers need to be rewarded for their work and for offering very cheap apps that contribute to make your product one of the best seen so far.


  1. While I may agree with you that many people jailbreak to make us of cracked apps, there are people who use the alternate installers for legitimate reasons. Not every app on Installer, or Cydia is a cracked app. There are homebrew developers, whos creative outlet through iphone apps, is severely constrained because of the App Store restrictions. Albeit the App Store is a very useful method for obtaining apps, there are indeed some of us (myself included) that would like to enjoy these homebrew apps that would otherwise go unnoticed.
    Much like the bittorrent protocol, there are many users who use it for legitimate reasons, but with anything there are bad apples in the bunch that use it for other illegal reasons, regardless of the philosophy behind file sharing.

  2. @ Finalblink:

    Sure there are a few who use that legitimately.. as bittorrent as you said.

    But be honest.. how many are them? 1% ?

    I know that talking generally it seems I don't consider fair uses. But I am talking about 90% of users here.

    I'm the first to support developers.
    I agree about fighting Apple's restrictions.
    But we're still talking about 1% of jailbreakers here.

  3. let's be fair. many use it for piracy, but awesome programs like MxTube and Cycorder only come from Cydia due to Apple's restrictions. plus, developers have to pay Apple $99 and send in their ID and all that stuff, above the 30/70 profit split. Cydia Store rules are nicer. I cannot agree with that 1% though, in fact the only people using it for piracy are teens that don't have the money to actually pay for apps.

  4. Have you tried to sum the cost of all the fart/crap-like applications on appstore?
    With the help of patched mobinst i've tried a plenty of them. And I've purchased some of them, that are not a piece of shit, as most apps on the appstore are.
    I think that right part of your pic is an appstore from birdeye view. With some gold nuggets in it.
    And I've paid 12 times more for an apps that are not in appstore but in installer/cydia, btw.

    p.s. hope you'll not delete this post

  5. @ Zibri:

    I cant speak for those who jailbreak to get pirated apps, but really the jailbreaking scene started because people wanted apps other than apples. True the shift might have changed now that the app store has been introduced, but people like you, and the Dev-Team really started this before there was the notion of pirating apps, simply because there were no apps to pirate.
    Again, its the main reason why I jailbreak and support it, simply because we get these apps we wouldn't normally see.
    In the end yeah I agree with you that the focus has shifted, but its not what the jailbreaking scene is all about. I hope there are a still few honest souls out there.

    Btw, been a big fan of Ziphone and was so disappointed when you discontinued it. But all in all one does what one wants to do. Cheers Zibri!

  6. I can't agree with you... i live in Ukraine and the "great" iTunes doesn't accept ukrainian credit cards... so the only way to use those apps for me - is to crack them ... so if apple wants us to buy their apps - it should just make it possible ;)

  7. For the idiot who said I illegally raised my ADSL speed: go and learn.
    I am just fully using the adsl carrier.
    Tweaking some exagerated default parameters.

    For the one talking about my songsmith patch:
    I didn't crack it and release it.
    I was just talking about how unuseful was the effort microsoft put in securing it.
    If you hex edit it and crack it that's YOUR fault, not mine.
    Let's say I talk on how to use a gun, if you kill yourself with it (many would be happy) it's your problem not mine.

  8. About people defending the jailbreaking.
    I was amongst the first to offer a jailbreak solution. I know those reasons.
    Just know that NOW who thinks that way is 1%-10% of the total.
    That was my point. Nothing more.

  9. Zibri I cannot see you as I was seeing you back in 1.1.x days.You don't seem to like and support the jailbreak community.What do you think of iBluetooth?Isn't it a great app and fully covers an Apple limitation?I believe you could create a greater app like this.Of course now you have a family and have to spend the most time for them but we would like to see you back as you were before!

  10. i remember back in the days when you had put the downloadlinks for the 2.0.x firmware on. instead of buying them from itunes for some bucks we could load them through your links ;)

  11. They were not MY links.
    Just adding a word to the normal apple url was needed to download the ipod software.
    And still is.


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