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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Microsoft suicidal? :)

Well, see for yourself!
Isn't this a MacBookPro?
Believe it or not this was captured from a
MicroSoft commercial for SongSmith.
SongSmith is the Microsoft way to try
to destroy the music industry :)
Oh by the way,
get a HEX editor and search for:
20 60 54 00 00
inside SongSmith.exe
change it to:
20 FF FF FF 7F
(6 occurences)
You will have a lifetime trial time :D
(Product security must be revised)
To get rid of the annoying
splash screen search for:
2D 5B 14 73 27 02 00 06
and change 2D into 2C.


Finalblink said...

OUCH! Nice find with the hack. Microsoft really has to revamp their business model, and quality of product.

Cristian Vidaechea said...

ohhhhh, brother, I couldn't finish to watch that commercial, so boring, if that's what was on the air, I can't imagine the ideas they dismissed!!!




not suicidal ... but inteligent thing and will be good for her marketing and promoted services

remember for windows history and apple ...

any way thanks

Unknown said...

Omg that was horrible. oh and in an unrelated something. I just wanted to say congratulations on becoming a father.

Zibri said...

this patch works with all version till now :)

Remember to modify all 6 occurences.

Zibri said...

Update: search for:
2D 5B 14 73 27 02 00 06 13 0A 02 11 0A 28 53 03
and change 2D to 2C

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