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Huawei E585 E5830 E5832 E5 UNLOCK (All models/countries!)

A new unlocker has born.
This one allows you to unlock *ANY* Huawei "E5" model.
Set your device FREE from it's chains!

All download links in previous posts now point to this version.
Instructions are included in the zip file.


  1. Hi Zibri,

    I've been having major issues trying to use PSAS to unlock my Huawei E585 from Vodafone (AUS). I'm considering using your service, but what are the chances of it succeeding, and what kind of support will you provide if I can't get it to work?

  2. My software works 100%. And I fully support it by email if any problem arises.

  3. If it's an E5830 you must first upgrade the firmware to the BRIGHTPOINT version.

    If it's an E585 I have no idea.

  4. will we ever see a unlock or jb for the iphone or ipad again from you?

    iphone 5 is around the corner lol

    we need ziPhone more then water!!!!!!!

  5. Well.. I still have my first generation iPhone alive and working as my main phone.
    If someone wants to donate phones I could look into it.
    But I'm not rushing for an ipad2 or an iphone5...
    My iPad works pretty well :)

  6. I was a bit nervous about downloading and using this software initially as I bricked my old E5830 about a year ago.

    I downloaded the software and paid my money... hit go and...

    Disaster had struck and I thought my worst fears had come true. Try again, same ERROR. At this point I was feeling quite low... so I emailed Zibri (not expecting much).

    Boy was I wrong, I got a quick response from Zibri with some options.

    Over the next couple of days I exchanged dozens of emails with Zibri as he helped work out what the issue was and eventually emailed over an updated version of the software which worked just as it should.

    Often, it's not about the problem, but more about how someone goes about fixing it. The customer support I received was great and efficient.

    I wouldn't have hesitated to buy initially had I known what great service I would get.

  7. I downloaded this for my O2 Ireland Hotshot (E5832s) and it didn't work initially but Zibri compiled a specific version for me and it worked perfectly.

    Great customer service - Thanks.

  8. That specific version is now for everyone.

    Same download link.

  9. just unlocked my E5830 on 3UK, thank you

  10. HI! How can I make it work on a Mac???

  11. You should use a virtual machine or as on forums. Many mac users purchased my program.

  12. Hi Zibri.

    Can your software alter the limited of 5 connections at once on the Huawei E585?

    I've been looking everywhere on the internet for a hack and one does not exist! Can you help at all? I have 10 devices that need to be connected.

    Happy to purchase your program!

  13. That limit "seems" to be software *BUT* it's a clever one: the e5 has little memory and little cpu power. It could never manage to get 10 device working correctly. So they limited to 5 just to be safe.

  14. Having a lot of connection problems on E585. Workd for a while then goes slow then stops working until PC is rebooted. Signal is good.

  15. As they say "shit happens", what you're experiencing can be caused by many reasons.

    1) Bad coverage in your area.
    2) Bad MiFi device.
    3) Software problem.

    It's not however related to the unlock.

  16. I tried to run the unlocker my my XP machine. But when I started it said "To run this application, you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET framework: v4.0.30319"

    How should I fix this? Thanks!

  17. Click on the link in this post ""

  18. Excuse my ignorance, but "card" refers to the actual broadband device, correct?

    Once unlocked, the device should work on any network, so long as they utilize the same date frequencies?

  19. Lastly, unlocking this device is simply that, unlocking this device. Since your service is third party, in no way shape or form will this device be altered in a way that would compromise the security of my network or computer, correct?

    I have a Australian Vodafone E585. There are two pages for your services, the page that we are on:


    Second one is dated last year. Is the software the same on both pages? What page should I direct myself to?

  20. Yes. At the beginning there were different programs. Now they are unified in a single program so the link on every post is now the same one.

  21. Hi, it says free unlocking - but the first thing the tool wants is a paypal receipt number??

    Did i misunderstand the 'free' part?


  22. This is an OLD post.
    The program has been free for 3 months.
    Go to and download the latest version of the HUAWEI E585/E5830 Unlocker. It's not free anymore but it's the best program around :)

  23. I followed this link which says free:

    & you just stated "The program has been free for 3 months"?

    If it is not free, how much is it now, i can't see a price anywhere

  24. You will see the price as soon as you write BUY inside my program (READ THE INSTRUCTIONS)

  25. Hi,

    Runing XP w/DotNET4.0 all set up but when i connect the card after the insert sim stage nothing happens when I run your program just sits there with the 'Connect Card' text. Any ideas?

  26. Yep :)
    You need to install the serial port drivers for the card or windows (and my program) will never know it's there. Please read the instructions inside the zip file.

  27. Trigger happy here ... just tried to update my 5830 with 5832-!s! firmware ... the device doesn't respond to anything any more. Is this a case of proper bricking or do you think there may be a way forward?

  28. I think you bricked it but MAYBE the device can still go in DOWNLOAD mode and you can put back the BRIGHTPOINT firmware.

  29. where did you find the e5832s firmware? link?


    How do I go to DOWNLOAD mode?

  31. on e5830 I think you just need to boot it pressing 2 side buttons at once.. search on that site to find the procedure. (if I remember correctly they are power+connect)

  32. Hi I have a o2 hotshot from o2 ireland will this work for me?

  33. Yes it should. Try it and then email me if you have any problem. Please read the instructions inside the zip file before starting.

  34. Hi Zibri,

    here is Dieter from Germany.

    With the help of your program and the appropriate key, it was NO problem at my "Huawei E5830" to unlock.

    The procedure was done in just a few seconds.
    Everything is going to my best satisfaction.

    For this very thank, Dieter

  35. Thanks, Dieter for taking the time to leave this nice comment :)

  36. Hi! I have an E585 mifi from 3network, as I learned that I'll be going abroad, I have tried to unlock it on my own. Apparently it recognize's the different sim card I've inserted, the trouble is it doesn't connect to the network. Have I missed something? Can your service fix this problem?

  37. I'm being honest with you, if the card says "Invalid SIM" then yes, you need my program. If it just connects then disconnects, then you must just configure it for the new SIM.

  38. I download the software, but it just say Connect Card. I don't know what card it's referring to. the e5 is connected via USB to the PC.

  39. It's referring to the E5 and that error means you must first install the serial drivers. Please read the instructions inside the zip file.

  40. hi Zibri,
    How can I enable telnet server on e5832s?
    I need it for port forwarding manipulation.

  41. You don't, or at least I didn't find a way yet.

  42. How do I buy a code? Please email me at

  43. Download the application and read the instructions inside the ZIP FILE.

  44. I have unlocked my unit according to above instructions and now the network is green on my E5 but the M led is going on and off in Blue Color and the unit can't find network; it only connects locally. Please advise

  45. That means the unit is now unlocked. You now need to configure it for the new SIM. Create a new profile and then set it as the default connection.

    You can do so by connecting to and login as Admin (same password).

  46. I bricked my Huawei E5832s. I flashed firmware E5832_Update_676. I found on internet somewhere, and now it gives no response anymore. PC reports "USB device not recognised", and the display stays black.
    Any ideas how to revive the thing?

  47. You have no way. E583x have two "families" one with an oled display and another with oled indicators.
    Firmware are not compatible and crossflashing will brick them.

  48. Is there a way to unlock the 5 device limit on a Huawei E5832?

  49. There's no meaning in doing that. The device doesn't have enough memory and cpu power to manage more. And you will put it to its knees just by running torrent clients on more than 2 connected devices.

  50. Hi there, my big boss, I really appreciate all your works here. Thanks so much. However, I had an issue while I was trying to open your program here(to unlock my E5830). My OS is Windows 8, and everytime I opened up the program, it just shut down immediately. Could you help me out here? Cheers!!!

  51. I've never even installed windows 8.
    This program was designed and tested on windows 7 64 bit but it obviously work on 32 bit version as well.
    There is no code to shut it down immediately but it could be the protection I used.
    Please use it on a windows 7 pc (or a virtual machine with USB properly setup).
    I'll see what I can do.

  52. Im on Windows 7 64-bit and running the E5_Unlocker program gives me an error "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application.........UnauthorizedAccessException. Any suggestions?

  53. ✘ Disable any antivirus.
    ✘ Run the program as administrator.
    ✘ Update microsoft .NET from here:
    ✘ and here:


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