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Saturday, July 24, 2010

FREE Sierra Wireless Unlock Download! (881, 881u, mercury, usb, usbconnect)

Here is the unlocker for you to download!

1) very fast (2-3 seconds)
2) Compatible with Xp, Vista and Win7
3) easy to use.


Download the program.
Run the program.

Donate via paypal and PASTE the confirmation number of your donation.
The transaction id should work after a minute from your donation.
Donate using the window opened by the program.

The code will work only on the PC you run the program.

Read the included instructions
to purchase an unlimited version.
(Unlimited number of unlocks)

If the program says "Connect card." that means the card is
not in "MODEM" mode.

If you get Error 'X' please report it to me along with your model.

Supported models:
AC860, AC875, AC875u, AC880, AC880e, AC880u, AC881, AC881e, AC881u, AC885 Compass, MC8755 / 8755V, MC8765, MC8775 / 8775V, MC8780, MC8781, MC8785/MC8785V, MC8790, USB 301, USB 302, USB 306, USB 307, USB308,AC754S,AC313


Anonymous said...

Hello Zibri,
please help me.
I tried to unlock my:
Sierra GPS MC8781 3G WWAN HSDPA GPS 7.2M
PCI-E MINI, but the message "MEP locked" didn't
disapear !
I made the donate, your program says:
checking, unlocking, upgrade firmware ... ?!
Maybe i made a mistake ?
Kind regards

Zibri said...

Yes.. you did... you need the newest possible firmware for mc8781 (you can use the USB 881 firmware since it's the same card)

Unknown said...

Can you provide the extended at command interface unlock code for MC8775 and if you can on what conditions

Zibri said...

@Александр: YES. I can. What do you need it for? Changin IMEI? ;)

Drop me an email and we can discuss it.

Zibri said...

My EMAIL can be found at the top of the donation page.

Anonymous said...

thank you! amazing work! had a couple hickups, had to update fw and after, run a file i found to kick my sierra mercury out of software mode. ran your program again and voila, unlocked! thanks again keep up the great work to keep OUR devices OURS!

P-ta said...

Hi, I have payed the doantion, but when I put the "Paypal Donation ID" in, then I get an Error (wininet error #18: (Unknown WININET error #18).

What can I do now ?

Zibri said...

Wininet error #18 is not from my program but from a component it uses: in other words it means that the component is not compatible with ie8/ie9, you must use ie7. This is an old program that was tested with windows XP Sp3.

Zibri said...

To everyone: instead of complaining by e-mail, please READ and UNDERSTAND the instructions inside the zip file. And the comment before this one.

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