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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another breakthru...

Thanks to the mighty Huawei E5830
(a portable 528mhz linux wifi/3g router)
I can finally do some creative and transparent hacking.
In the image above you see a simple
javascript application that displays
a realtime quote.
This should not suprise you but there's a catch:
my iPod is connected via wifi to the e5830,
inside the e5830 there is a british simcard with

And if you are wondering: NO, I did not do anything illegal
and I didn't hack their networks.

More to come!
Stay tuned!


With a different method I can do the same on any italian provider too.
No credit required :)


Jamie said...

How did you unlock it? I know DC-unlocker will do it for 15 Euros. Do you have an app that will unlock it for free?

I'm also very curious as to what you've done here! :)


Zibri said...

Unlocking the E5830 is a different story.
I am getting a locked one this week to investigate but it should be easy enough.

And no, I don't have any app.

Mario Ruprecht said...

Interesting. This IP address is related to their transparent proxy?

Anyway, I'm more interested to open up the telnet port of the E5830 - any news on this? ;-)

Zibri said...


There is no problem to open the telnet port :)
Very easy indeed :)

Mario Ruprecht said...

Harharhar, you're not going to tell us, are you? :P

Ernesto de Bernardis said...

Curiosity kills the hack :b

Unknown said...

...hi, any good news?

Unknown said...

..there is any good news?

Zibri said...

Still working on it.

Unknown said...

Interesting, I've done the same by modifying proxy settings on the iPhone and using a '3' (Three) sim card with no credit on the device i can still surf any pages,, also using the Huawei mobile broadband dongles for 1 year with a UK 3 sim card, no credit (usually it costs £10 for 1gb usage. initially all you had to do was change proxy settings to three homepage in browser DNS stays same, and APN changes- it was that simple.... but now this is not working after someone published this method on the internet.., after a bit more experimentation found another way

Also the open wifi Networks, BT Openzone + BT FON that charge £3 for 30 minutes usage can easily be accessed any page without paying- would be interesting to find out a bit more info on what your doing here

wellx1000 said...

I'm very intrested on this... Could someone please give me some tip? I'll try to surf free from a smartphone...
Thank you

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