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Monday, April 26, 2010

HUAWEI E5830 fastest unlock!

Here I am again.
The program above is still in testing but I can safely say

It unlocks HUAWEI E5830 in 13 seconds :)

Stay tuned for further developments.


Unknown said...

Wow, magic Zibri!!!
I have any of them and can test it

dave c said...

Will it work using a MAC - Zibri you are a legend by the way

Zibri said...


Unknown said...

plzzzz dont see word unlock whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Elwanvip said...

Where is the download link ??????

Zibri said...


Anonymous said...

zibri, i got an E5830 locked to airtel ghana. your unlock solution tells me there's no card connected. what could be wrong?

Zibri said...

You must install the serial drivers.
Read the instructions inside the zip file.

Unknown said...


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