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4k KODI TV BOX slowdown FIX

If, like me, you own a TV BOX (chinese android box with KODI) and you connected a big ass hard drive to it (I connected 2 8tb external usb HDDs), you might have noticed that the box slows down on intermittently locks up. One of the reasons is overheating... and this is known. What is not known is that these boxes have by default the android media indexer active. They don't have enough memory to handle that and that causes problems. I solved the problem without losing any data! The solution is pretty simple: disable the media indexer. And here is how: The simple way to solve this it to enable USB debugging mode and connect to the phone using "adb" (android debug bridge) utility. Then issue the command adb connect [box ipaddress]:5555 (on the box a popup will appear asking you if you want to authorize this operation. Once authorized, all you have to do is issuing 2 commands. from your computer shell, write, one line at a time: adb shell $ su # pm disa