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E5830 Telnet server enabler.

How about enabling a telnet server
on the E5830?


The program has been tested under Windows XP/Vista/Windows7.

Run the program.

Find on this blog the title of a post
of the same date the program shows.
Enter it exactly (case sensitive, spaces, everything).
The unlock button will show.

Click the button.
It will enable the telnet server on your E5830 in 1 second.

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And leave comment!



  1. does this only work on UK? can I use it in Chile?

  2. If you downloaded this program before today, please redownload it.

    A minor bug was corrected which caused the program not to detect the card.

    Please leave a comment if it works :)

  3. The program works only with the cable connection or via wifi?
    Another question magic zibri...
    with this we can add without any problem some files on the virtual cd drive?
    You write something about this in the forum...

  4. Manno: no, and no.

    1) the card must be connected before running the program.

    2) the pc must be connected to internet and the antivirus must be off or grant full access to the program.

    About the internat CD I can write on it whatever I like but not with this program.

  5. no... not with this program...
    but when i connect via telnet i have the root access or not?
    if it's a root access i think there's no problem to write on the memory :D

  6. Sure. But that's not the way. Believe me :)

  7. There is a much easy way without even flashing.

  8. Hi Zib, actually I was asking beforehand because they don't sell that one here so I'd to import one so if it works and I can get free wifi of it I'll sure import it :)

    Thanks (:

  9. Felipe: short answer: NO.

    I can do that 'trick' on anything that connects to 3g networks.

    And no.
    I won't talk about it.

  10. Oh maybe I got it wrong, by unlock you mean you can use it with another carrier (like a phone unlock)? Or what you were talking about in the post: "Another breakthru... "? Thanks again :)

  11. Yes. Unlock means you can use any sim you want in it other than 3UK which the e5 is usually locked to.

    Telnet enabler is for enabling the telnet server (which is there but disabled).

    Another breakthru is a totally different thing.

  12. Oh sorry I thought you were talking about something else. Thank you so much anyway :)

  13. Zibri,

    I'm more than willing to donate for this. But it does NOT work here. I always get "No Internet Connection", which is ridiculous because I'm using right now my Internet connection.

    I tested this on two Win 7 PCs (including compatibility mode and Admin rights) and a WinXP laptop.

    Could you pls explain the steps?
    Connect Huawei with USB cable?
    Huawei on or off?
    If on: Internet through Huawei or secondary connection (WLAN/LAN)?

    Usually I'm not so dumb with such things but this drives me crazy ....

  14. As it's clearly stated in this post, the program has been tested with windows XP.

  15. I know and as you can read I tried it with XP.

  16. Hei Richard!
    You wrote something wrong.
    You must not enter "Success" that was just an example.
    You must enter the title of the post posted on the date my program will show.

  17. I try to download the program but my antiVirus detected virus win32/Themida

  18. Any chance to see the same telnet enabler for the E585 ?? :)

  19. @Xavier: to be honest I got no requests for it but I'll look into it when I have time..

  20. doens't work on my trekstor device which is based on E5830/E5832. any trick how to make it work?

  21. Sorry, Thomas, I don't know that device.

  22. @thomas: I read your last message.. feel free to write me an email about it but your strategy is sadly wrong.

  23. It would be really great if the tool would also support the Trekstor models (E3850). Is there anything I can do to help you out with those devices?

  24. I've never seen one, but device donations are welcome! Send me an email!

  25. i have everytime the message:

    The content is blocked due to the following condition: The item you have requested is infected by a virus. It will not be downloaded.
    Report: TR/Gendal.2584576

  26. Disable your antivirus! It's a false positive. The program has no virus but it's encrypted and antiviruses don't like programs they can't analyze.

  27. Hi Zibri! I have a E586 router. How I can unlock telnet? You tool not do it this. After type a keyword from blog news: Connect card. And nothing happened.

  28. Thanks because you are dumb and dumber.
    Dumb, because connect card happens when the serial drivers are not loaded or the card is in driver installation mode.

    Dumber because it's clearly stated it's for E5830.

  29. I have the same problem with "Connect card".
    My SD card is in the modem.
    What you mean with "serial drivers are not loaded or the card is in driver installation mode"
    I check into the modem web interface and there is no options like this to disable it.

  30. Hello, is this program capable to enable the telnet also on E5830S?

  31. Ciao Zibri, ho eseguito l'unlock per l'E5832S (con esito positivo) ed il successivo enabler per il telnet ma quest'ultimo continua darmi ERROR pur avendo disabiltato il WIFI. Hai suggerimenti? Grazie

  32. Infatti l'enabler è per l'E5830 e non per l'E5832!


  33. Hi Zibri, just wondering if other huawei mobile wifi models also have this telnet feature that can be unlocked? like the huawei E5776 and E5372?

  34. who knows. send me one and I can inspect that :D

  35. Hi Zibri, I have been using your telnet function on my E5830 for over a year and it has been very useful. Do you know if it is possible to do on a E5330? Thanks.

  36. I don't know. Newer devices have a different O.S.


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