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Hello again! Many of you probably hate as I do CORS because it hinders the very nature of internet, which is SHARING. There are some services to circumvent this commercial  restriction, one of these is the famous "cors anywhere". So yesterday I decided to make my own and allow you to make your own in only 2 minutes. To do so you just need a cloudflare account (can be set up in 1 minute). The you can upload my worker on it and have your personal very fast cors proxy! So, enough talk, just head to: The is also a demo online at: Enjoy! Zibri

WhatsApp "lastseen" privacy setting is USELESS and they don't care!

WhatsApp Web "lastseen" Chrome Extension. Some time ago I informed Facebook that the privacy setting "lastseen" in WhatsApp is totally useless. After a few e-mails thay told me they didn't consider this a security problem, but a feature clearly stated in WhatsApp T.O.S. Well, then why is there a useless security setting? Nevermind, I just coded a quick and dirty extension for google chrome so the "last seen" of the contacts hiding it, is shown next to their name! Enjoy the extension!