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Showing posts from May 2, 2010

E5830 Free Unlock released!

A damn typo prevented the previous unlock to work on some computers/os. Now everything is fixed and tested on a lot of computers. The program works 100%. If the program gives you a COM error, quit/kill WIFI MANAGER and try again. Download Note: There is no virus in the file. It's protected code and Antiviruses don't like it. Usage: Run the program with your card connected. The program has been tested under Windows XP/VISTA/Windows7. This program works even inside a virtual machine in MAC OS/X. Donate Using the browser my program opens. Then enter the paypal confirmation number of your donation and press CR. (Case sensitive!) It will unlock your E5830 in 15 seconds. Send me an email if you need an unlimited version. (Unlimited number of unlocks) And leave a comment! Namaste, Zibri

Shattered iPhone :,(

A sad thing happened yesterday. I was watching a movie, at the end of the movie I looked at my iPhone which was charging on it's base and I saw something strange on the display: at first I thought about dust, but after a closer inspection I noticed the glass was totally shattered. No apparent reason. It didn't fell (in that moment). I think the 'cause' was the movie sound. The movie was "Public Enemy (2009)" and there were lots of automatic guns firing all the time. That kind of sound is able to crash glasses if sufficiently loud. The strange thing is that this one wasn't so loud. I saw that many people in France had the same problem. I'm curious to know if they were listening to loud music or what. Obviously this iPhone was imported from US (and I live in Italy). I don't think Apple will ever contact me to ease my pain... ...but who knows?! Namaste, Zibri