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Monday, February 15, 2010

Apple and YOUR privacy.

Apple know's your Wifi SSID and where it's located.
You may say, no news here because I authorized it in my iPhone.

Yes, ok.. but did you authorize Apple to know MINE too?

Ok.. you're confused.. I'll explain:
every time you use google maps on your iPhone or any other application
which uses the location service, you are sending Apple your GPS position along with 
the Wifi mac adresses of the networks
(access points) your phone sees.
So, let's say, you didn't authorize Apple to know where you are but someone else has.
Now picture that someone else passing by near your house.
As soon as that someone uses the location service, Apple will know the position of your wifi access point.
I wonder how this passed totally under the radar of "privacy aware" organizations.
It won't be long till someone will exploit this and the pandora box will be opened.

A proof: one of my access points mac addresses is in Apple database. I don't have a 3G or 3Gs iPhone and I've never authorized Apple to map my access point location.
But if I check with my iPod Touch and google maps, while I'm connected to that access point, Apple gives me my position and in a pretty accurate way.
Of course if I switch to another access point in my network, or if I change the mac address of the same access point, Apple doesn't know "yet" where I am.

At least until someone, passing by my house will use the "location" services.

This behaviour is TOTALLY against the law, at least here in Europe.

Feel free to spread the word about this "issue", and please link back to this article.