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Free HUAWEI E5830 Unlock Released!

A damn typo prevented
the previous unlock to work on some computers/os.

Now everything is fixed and tested on a lot of computers.
The program works 100%.

If the program gives you a COM error, quit/kill WIFI MANAGER
and try again.


There is no virus in the file.
It's protected code and Antiviruses don't like it.

Run the program with your card connected.

The program has been tested under Windows XP/VISTA/Windows7.
This program works even inside a virtual machine in MAC OS/X.

Donate Using the browser my program opens.
Then enter the paypal confirmation number of your donation and press CR.
(Case sensitive!)

It will unlock your E5830 in 15 seconds.

Send me an email if you need an unlimited version.
(Unlimited number of unlocks)

And leave a comment!



  1. Sounds good. :)

    Unfortunately, after entering the title and hitting return - I'm just seeing the message "Connect Card". I can see a '(F:) 3 WiFi Manager' drive, so it's definately plugged in.

    Any idea what the problem might be? If it would help, you'd be very welcome to use Copilot ( to take a look.

  2. The program has been tested on Windows XP.

    If you have VISTA or 7 I need a check to do (from you) so I can make the program compatible.

  3. Hi will the program be available for MAC as well soon?


  4. This program should now work with your configuration.

    Try running it on a Windows XP (x32) (not virtualized) PC.

  5. i'm having the same problem as jamie but on win xp sp3 , uk 3 version of the wifi unit.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I just solved the incompatibility problem.


    Now it works on any system (it should at least).

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

  8. Hi Z
    The unlock wont work for me
    It goes through full unlock procedure but it is not unlocked when non 3 sim is put in modem
    Using winxp SP3


  9. andy: please leave your email in a comment (and your msn contact) so we will sort this out.

  10. Thanks Z
    Id prefer not to put my email in public domain
    I can email you directly if you wish with my details

  11. Comments are moderated. I won't publish it. Only contact you :)

  12. Sorry Everybody... there still was a small bug. Now solved.

    Please redownload the Unlocker. It now works 100%.

    If the program gives you COM error, quit wifi manager and try again.

    IT WILL WORK. Guaranteed.

  13. How do you change the profile settings once unlocked?

  14. hey man. it works perfect thanks alot.

    i'd like to host your blog or a website for you to say thanks.

    Let me know what you decide


  15. Thanks, Scott, but a donation is enough.

  16. is it software specific? (as i upgraded mine to the software that has the web interface enabled.)

    has it been tested with this? There is no debug out put for trouble shooting

    half the times it just says Unlocked and other other times it gives the com error.

    Both retries still have the simlock

  17. It has been tested with the original 3UK firmware.

    I don't know why a very few people can't make it work.

    I have positive feedbacks even from (skilled) people which made it work under windows 7.

  18. Hi mate, just tried this on win7 and it comes up unlocked but still doesn't work with a different network sim.

    Thanks for the program just wish I could get it actually unlock.

  19. @Craig:

    As I said MANY times, only a few people made it work on windows 7.

    Try it on a laptop with windows XP.

  20. Hi Z

    Thanks so much for this unlock. Do you think you will consider upgrading it for the new huawei E585 modem? I just picked one up and the E5830 unlock unfortunately does not work on it. I thought it would because it looks like the same hardware.

    Please feel free to get in touch if you would like some assistance, would be happy to ship over a device to you at a discounted price to help get an unlock.

  21. I will receive the E585 tomorrow and start digging... I can't promise anything and I am still evaluating if make it donation based or a paid application (for a small fee). Stay tuned.

  22. I am just about to order a new THREE E5850 pay as you go modem from PCWorld. I want to unlock and use with T-mobile SIM I already have fro use with an iPad. Is it worth it? Will the app work with the latest model?

  23. No. It doesn't work on e585.

  24. What about latest incarnation of E5830 Mi-fi with THREE PAYG?

  25. justin: I unlocked that too.. but you need another program.

    go to

  26. Thank you for your great work. You are a real hero.
    Sorry to bother you with my issue.
    I have a e5832 from Orange with a internet sim from other carrier in it.
    I have windows xp.
    I run your unlock.
    I receive this message:
    "com port error writefile function failed on np"
    What to do do ?
    Thank you very much for you help.

  27. @dimitrie: that question has already been answered.

    Kill any running program before running the unlocker.

    It's better to reboot your PC before running the unlocker.

    3 Wifi Manager MUST NOT BE RUNNING.

  28. Hi Zibri, I'm having trouble making this work, can you help please?

    I thought I had unlocked a while ago but have just got a Vodafone sim and it doesn't like it. So went back in to unlock again yesterday, paid my €7 as it is now, I don't mind paying if I can make it work.

    But having no luck, today was getting message "Socket Error #10060 Connection timed out." This on an XP machine at office. Haven't done anything to change APN which I have seen referred to, is that my problem?

    Any help gratefully received!

    Thanks, Chris

  29. Please READ the posts and COMMENTS!

    Socket error means your pc can't reach the internet or is badly connected.

  30. Thanks Zibri, but I did read the posts and none refer to socket errors. But I think there used to be a lot more posts, maybe some have been removed now.

    The laptop was connected to internet (I downloaded your program), I will try different USB sockets to see if the connection issue was to do with being in a docking station.

  31. @Chris: no. the connection issue is a connection issue. In other words: your pc can't connect to the address my program uses to validate the code.

    Don't use the e585 to connect. Don't put a simcard in the e5.

  32. Thanks Zibri. Did have more success out of the docking station, got the program to run and show Unlocked!, and now get green SIM signal instead of red, so looks promising. But can't get a solid blue internet signal yet.

    Shouldn't be a reception issue but will try again from a different location this evening.


  33. Ok so it's unlocked.
    Now you need to setup the PROFILE, APN, USER and PASS... etc etc

  34. I can't install
    It don't fin port com
    I try on annoter computer ( Vista)
    And now it is impossible to download anything !!!

  35. Ah! I have no idea what to do there, but will keep digging away.

  36. @eugene:

    1) you have serious connection problems.

    2) you didn't install drivers correctly or you have "3 wifi manager running"

    3) download link are working.

  37. Good news Zibri, I can stop bugging you now! After much trawling of internet and plenty of trial and error, I have now have all up and running.

    Thanks for your help.


  38. Please Chris, share here what were your errors and how you solved them.

  39. Happy to share. I don't know about "errors", but what are straightforward things to seasoned IT warriors are blank walls to us ordinary folk.

    Getting the sim unlocked was probably made more difficult by attempting via my work laptop, with all its firewalls, docking stations, etc. And when I tried again from my home laptop I discovered from the posts above that the unlock code via the paypal reference number was bound to the original machine, i.e. my work laptop again! But after much trial and error I did succeed in the unlock.

    But it turned out that was not the end of the story, I also needed to create a new profile. This may be an obvious thing to some but not to me, and it was only by much trawling around the interent that I gleaned this from the odd reference here and there that this was something I needed to do.

    But how? Again no doubt easy for many, but "create a new profile" without explanation was a mystery to me. By scouring many threads and forums, I eventually discovered that you plug in your E5830, switch it on and start up 3 Wifi manager. Then you go to Tools, Options, Profile Management, and click New.

    Here you click Static, give a new profile name (no one said but I think any name would do, I used "Vodafone" as I have a Vodafone non-expiry sim bought off Ebay).

    In APN I entered "pp.internet" (for a PAYG Vodafone sim, I guess other ones might be different). User was "admin" and password was "admin". Click Save, then click Default, and it was done! All discovered by much Googling and reading through threads on mnay different forums.

    Sorry this was so long but hopefully helps other non-tech people like me.


  40. By the way, for me even posting on here was a trial. There didn't seem to be many ways to do it, in the end I had to open a gmail account just so I could post as a Google account.

  41. i have v3 of the unlock software, paid the donation, connected up the device, entered paypal id code gone through unlock process, claims to have unlocked.
    However when i try, for example my o2 sim card it gives an error message about detecting sim. When i check the unlock status with dc lock, with the three (original) sim in, it says unlocked, with any other sim or no sim, it says locked.

    Any ideas?

  42. Something went wrong. This program is unstable on some PC and I don't know why. It works on ANY PC I tested so far. Try again and again (withou a sim in it or with the wrong sim in it) and it should work. if not EMAIL ME.

  43. Zibri,

    I have installed on my virtualized PC (VMWare Fusion) and pay the donation, but I have always the message : "Connect Card"... but my Mifi is connected...

    Do you have an idea ?

    I have tried to make it on another PC laptop but when I enter the donation code... the program say to me that this is the wrong code...

    Please... help me sir ;)

  44. 1) virtual machines can sometimes work but are not officuially supported.

    2) a code is valid only on ONE pc.

    If you want to run the program on another pc, you vae to get another code (donating again).

    HINT: I suggest you to configure the serial ports of the virtual machine and the USB as passtrhu.

  45. ... It is very tedious because you say that the program works on virtual machine (that's why I accept to do the donation...).

    So I need to do it with a PC... but I would like to do not another donation

  46. Agence: it WORKS in virtual machines but as they are virtual you need to be skilled to use them.
    Since many people aren't they say it doesn't work.

    So ask them, if you need help.
    That's why I say that virtual machines are NOT supported (by me) because I am not here for a computer course.

  47. Lol ok I'm using virtual machines and know how to use them :p (the only problem is the usb which is not 100% perfect).


  48. @ Agence: I didn't say it was YOUR fault... but.. you know, USB is what connects these things... if USB isn't working perfectly neither my program neither any other will work.

  49. Off course sir ;) I know that you make good job that's why I want to use your program.

    I will send you an email to have the unlimited unlock code (so I could make the unlock with a pc)

  50. The unlimited version is for people planning to do more than 10 unlocks.

  51. had real problems on windows 7 until I updated the mifi drivers via device manager - after that, the unlock worked in about a minute - thanks

  52. All seemed fine. I then did a firmware upgrade and it now seems to be locked again to my Three account in the UK. Do I have to unlock it again? I am now on a new computer - now in Malaysia with no access to the old one. Do I need a new Paypal ID number? I don't really want to pay again.

  53. @Philip: NO. Once unlocked, the card stays unlocked.. no matter what.

    Just create a new profile if needed.

  54. Has anybody managed to make it work on the AT&T network in US ?

  55. @wkandek if you unlocked it using my program contact me, I have some tests for you...

  56. hello is this program applicable for viva network kuwait i want to unlock my huawei wireless modem E5830 pls reply

  57. Once unlocked the e5830 and the e585 can be used with any network compatible with the card.

    The card is 3G/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA/HSPA with fallback.

  58. So its a fact that it exists no easy way to unlock my Vodafone Australia E585? And there will be not developped something in the next weeks/months?

  59. Hi....Is it better to unlock E5830 & then upgade the firmware OR upgrade the firmware & then go for an unlock....

  60. Zibri,
    I think it works for me.

    My T-Mobile E583C-1 device now recognised O2 UK sim in it. Sim state says Valid.

    But since I do not know O2 connection parameters (it was a friends and i was testing it to see whether the unlock worked) i could not test it completely.

    But since sim stated as Valid, I take it as it works.

    Thanks for making it so easy for no-vice like me.


  61. Weird... went for dinner and came back, with no sim card in device.. and voila, 'unlocked' and working with non-3 sim card :-D Happy Bird !! Cheers Zibri

  62. hi. i bought an unlock code and it said that it was unlocked but when I put a new sim in it wont connect but does with the original three sim. can you tell me what I am doing wrong

  63. @simon: you probably didn't read the instructions. Please do (they are inside the program zip archive).
    The E5 is "already unlocked" for the original sim card it is locked to. That's why my program believed it was unlocked.

  64. Please redownload the program, be sure you have the latest version.

  65. Hi zibri, it says my code has already been used as I used it to try unlock but it didn't unlock the first time,

  66. All the answer to your questions are inside the INSTRUCTIONS!

    Please read them! They are inside the archive zip file.

  67. Hi , after trying to unlock my e5830 and getting a message saying that it was unlocked , but couldn't get it to connect to Internet with new sim. I thought it was the program not unlocking correct. I was wrong.. I just needed to use the online browser login and input the correct dial up details for the network sim.. And hey presto!!! Best money I have spent to get it unlocked.. A big thank you to this guy and his software.

  68. how does e5830 work on att sim card in us'?

  69. Hi,

    I have the new e586 will this work with the Hack?

  70. No. I just received the device. I'm inspecting it and it's totally different from the E585. I don't know if I will release and e586 unlocker.

  71. i just wanna unlock E5830S and by mistake i updated wrong firmware on the device so after reboot it stuck now i cant do anything even it dosent connect to computer through usb.... so can u let me know what to do now

  72. Trash it. The E5830 can't be flashed with wrong firmware, but maybe yours was an e585 and then if you flashed an e5830 firmware the card is now dead.

  73. An E5830 with wrong firmware can always be reflashed again.

  74. Mine is E5830s with the LCD display on it and By mistake I updated with wrong firmware at time of reboot it stuck and then it's says update fail and then now I can't even start the modem no display even when I connect to computer no sign what to do now can u suggest??

  75. If there is no activity on USB the device is dead. And there is no firmware available anayways. Sorry.

  76. Hi, the message says unlocked in my e5830. But the profile is greyed and I can't seem to change the profile under profiel management . However when I put a different sim card in, it does register the sim card isp. How can I change the profile.

  77. You must create a NEW one then set it as the default one.

  78. Dear Zibri,
    Thanks a lot for your helping mind.

    I wrongly flashed my e5830s (with oled display) with e583X firmware, now the device is totally dead, but when I am connecting to my XP PC, it recognizing and showing as Huawei modem and when I am trying to flash a firmware, it recognizes com port but flashing fail after some time with error, says canonot flash and the log says can't open dashboard or something like that.tried button combinations,reset etc.

    Looking for your valued guidance.

  79. Yep.. the problem is that there is NO fimrware available for your myfi.

  80. I found in says "E5832s_FW_Update_956. : The long awaited Firmware update for E5830s and other E583x devices". I tried to flash it but also fails. Do you have any suggestion that what I want to do with it.

    Thanks for your help.

  81. I sincerely don't know what that firmware is for.

  82. Dear Zibri,

    I managed to get the firmware from huawei, the link for firmware is and the dashboard file is i tried both, but both fails.

    Looking for your support.

  83. Sorry but I really don't know how to help you.

  84. zibri thank you for your good work, please can you help unlock, e5830s ? mine is working perfectly, i just need to unlock it..

  85. please i want the unlocking code for Huawei E5830

  86. Download my program, read the instructions, buy a code from it , then unlock it. It's so simple even a monkey can do it.


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