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Thursday, October 29, 2015

TP-LINK Configuration file encrypt and decrypt.

Here we go!
TP-Link is another company that thinks that security by obscurity could ever work.

If you "backup" the configuration from most TP-Link routers, you will get a .BIN file which is "encrypted".

Use this utility below, to decrypt it (so you can edit it) and encrypt it again.

Have fun.

Drop files here or


dook said...

Awesome! Thanks for this. For $REASONS i needed to set my WPS ping to 12345678. With the help of your site, this was easy :)

FYI the model was a TL-WA801ND.

Thanks again.

Zibri said...

"One is happy to be of service" :D

Andreas Karamboulas said...

It doesn't work for TP-LINK WA854RE

Andreas Karamboulas said...


Maxwolf Goodliffe said...

Thank you so much for making this tool. I had to create unique configurations for 40 routers and your tool was a real life saver.

Zibri said...

Thanks to you. P.S. Donations are welcome :D

Sadiya Afroza said...


Rajesh Gauswami said...

awesome dude thank a lot...

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