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I just found the "secret" of Q business card :)

I just found the "secret" of Q business card :) Q business card Obviously many of you already dialed that number and heard a very funny message from Q. If you didn't this is what it says: But... some, like me, noticed that the "logo" on the card resembles a DATAMATRIX barcode wrapped around a circle. And that it might contain data. So, I analyzed it: First of all it's not a datamatrix but an ANNULAR BARCODE. Since it's 3D printed a lot of BITS are missing. Nevertheless this is the code unrolled: The code. This instead is the code published on start trek shop (also unrolled): The "official" code. As you can see, the one "in the show" is the same code as the official code  just ruined and with bits missing only because it was 3d printed and lost a lot of data. The official code. Now that we have a better code, it's time to analyze it. The code appears to come from a rather obscure document of a swiss