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Saturday, September 19, 2009

May the force be with you :)

Yes.. I bought this game.
Fun aside, both the headset
both the base have a nice JTAG port
and maybe a serial interface.
I got it this morning and I just started
inspecting the devices.
They communicate on 2.478 and 2.408 Ghz frequencies
it's not bluetooth but a normal serial over
the air. If you are curious like me,
the FCC site has FULL documentation
and pictures of the inside.
You will find them under these
FCC IDs: XCY150511UMI2009 and XCY150512UMI2009.
I'll keep you posted.

The 'unknown' chip on the base
you can't see on FCC site is a PIC16F727 44 pin.
The other 'blank' chip on the headset
is a PIC16F722 28 pin.