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Thursday, October 30, 2008

And he said... BOOM!

Here we are again!
When Steve says something it usually happens...
So what do we have here?
A video.
Yes a stupid nasty video which can crash
ANY iPod/iPhone.
A different version of this video
can even crash many pc applications.
Apple was contacted and a mail
was sent to bugtraq mailing list.
Only a Forbes journalist showed up.
You will read about it on Forbes on monday.
Later that day the video will be posted
here for further "booms"
Clicking on the picture above after monday will crash your iPod/iPhone but it won't harm it.


s0u][ight said...

:) So now we also play with video/sound.
actually it's fun to hear that a video can crash a device that is meant to play music/videos. playing the bootloader made some ipods crash. my question is: is this exploit usable?

ps: you found this exploit accidentally, didn't you :P

Zibri said...

It was first found accidentally... then it grew up... a different video of the same kind can even crash VLC (videolan) and all programs using the same libraries (believe me they are a lot)

s0u][ight said...

media players have 2 versions:
the ones writing directly to the outputdevice
the ones that send the info to another module
(this is a design choice)
is the crash about a file that the outputdevice can't play? (probably not)

is there any way you want to explain me how this works?( without making it public)

btw vlc can crash so often :-)

s0u][ight said...

forgot to say

i'm a linux user so yeah i know how many apps can share the same libraries.
actually i looked up the dependencies of vlc and saw a huge list. i don't think i'll list them here :)

Unknown said...

Hmm.. put the video back up, please?

Unknown said...

Video back up, please!!!

Zibri said...

The video will be up soon.
Just not now.
Stay tuned.

בן (The_Ben) said...

Have any eta for having it back up?

Fernando said...

Why not now?

Zibri said...

It depends on Apple.
I'm in the talks with them.
I'll keep you posted.

Unknown said...

Thanks! I hope to try this out! It seems like a (possibly) cool exploit!

Daniel said...

Zibri... the Bad-people can use this Bug to do Bad - things?? xD
If you you understend me!

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