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Secrets..oh secrets!

Picture by erregiro

Secrets, hidden things, I really hate this.
It's common practice nowadays for companies
to sell devices that can do many things but
locked and constrained to do only one or two.
So, when you buy a device you don't know
the many things it can do.
Let's see an example:
Sierrawireless produces astonishing 3G cards;
AT&T disables the top 7.2mb/s speed and the
internal GPS (yes! AC881 and 881U do have
an internal GPS unit!).
On such units there are a lot of undocumented
commands (AT commands).
If you happen to have one of these cards,
try this from hyperterminal, putty or
any terminal program connected to the card
AT command port:
AT!HSDCAT=8 (for 7.2mb)
This will set the HSDPA category to 8.
The default is 6 (3.6mb/s)
There is also a command to set the HSUPA category:
AT!HSUCAT=5 (2mb/s upload)
AT!HSUCAT=3 (1.4 mb/s upload)

About the GPS, things are a little more difficult
but I could enable it on any card with a simple
one-click program.
Stay tuned.


  1. great news and congrats for you zibri.

    do u know if the "AirCard® ExpressCards
    AirCard 880E/881E " have the same ?

    thanks in advance,


  2. @tiagoh:

    Yes. all 880 and 881 cards are THE SAME.

    Uh.. and if you OPEN an 880U or 881U you will find a MINIPCI module inside you can embed in your laptop :)

  3. I'm making a guess here but wouldn't the GPS be lacking an antenna? That was the case with the HTC Universal anyway.

  4. Good Post

    If possible update us with Andriod OS hacks and ...

  5. its sad,, i miss ziphone,,, zibrid .,. whats up

  6. :) nice you're "hacking" everything possible

    i remember reading a post about iphone-linux of you...(i might be wrong)
    if you are using linux: the iphone-linux project is really awesome. We could get much more out of the iphone then we do now.
    "a full functioning pc in your hands"
    It is at a very early stage atm, but if everyone skilled would contribute to it, it would really have a future.
    this is not like the sony psp (uclinux) wish used virtualization software ( i think bach)
    this is just a simple thought of me
    would be nice if you answer

    your work inspires me :)

  7. richardlai:
    not this time.
    aricard 880/881 and 880U/881U GPS is fully working.
    And very accurate imho.

  8. About iPhone:
    If you have made it to send files via BlueTooth and Watch Live TV ,I will come to Italy and congratulate you hand by hand.(I don't know if this expression exists but we say it like this in Greece)

    Good Luck

    P.S. I don't really care that you haven't yet released the next version of ZiPhone,I can wait for months.I'm on 2.1 original without jailbreak and I'm happy to say this.

  9. @zibri
    which minipci-e module is in those 2? is it a MC8775?

  10. I have the Sierra Wireless 595U (on Sprint). Have you heard of any speed unlocks for that device? I did try your suggestions just for grins, and those AT commands are not recognized on my device. I only experimented with a couple of commands, like this one (get firmware revision info)...

    p2010002,60610 [Aug 16 2007 09:38:25]
    APPL: SWI6800_PP.01.00.02 2007/08/16 13:53:17
    BOOT: SWI6800_PP.01.00.02 2007/08/16 13:53:17
    QCOM: SWI6800_PP.01.00.02 2007/08/16 13:53:17
    SWID: SWI6800_PP.01.00.02 2007/08/16 13:53:17 [AC595U_00]
    USBD: SWI6800_PP.01.00.02 2007/08/16 13:53:17 [AC595U_00]
    USB VID: 0x1199 PID: 0x0120


  11. @rainer:

    No, you can find mc8775 inside the 875U :)
    mc8780/mc8781 are inside 880U/881U

    I don't have an android phone.

    I don't have a 595 and it won't work in Italy where I am.
    But if I know sierrawireless there are many hidden commends there too.

  12. @zibri

    Thx, unfortunately this information comes a few months late ;) had to add umts to my hp 2510p - would have saved a few bucks... anyway: thx (i just love this kind of secrets)

    greets, rainer

  13. Hi Zibri - Any news about the app to enable GPS? Thx

  14. so are you saying by doing this i can speed up the 3g on att?

    and if so is it possible for you to either post directions on how to do this or can you email them to me?

  15. does this work with the with the usbconnect 881 also? and can you email me more infor please. also i am having problems jailbreaking my iphone. you can email me at

  16. Yes it works with usbconnect 881 too.

  17. Hey Zibri, awsome mod.

    I saw ur post on tnkgrl's post in the Acer Aspire one HSDPA mod page and linked here.

    any way, i'm interested in adding the 881U or relative to my Aspire One mod, but i'm wondering if and how you got the GPS working, the 7.2 mb/s command hack is going to come in handy, but i really want that darn GPS sierra is hiding.

    If its not official on how to get at it yeet or something, can you point the more dedicated modders among us to where or how we can enable this feature....bit of hacking never really hurt any one.......i think..;-)

  18. Well.. to be honest I can actually enable GPS on any qualcomm based card which physically has a GPS (like 880, 881, mc8780 mc8781 and a few others).
    You can find on ebay two sellers which sell already unlocked cards with my method.

  19. @Zibri

    The ones they sell on ebay, say unlocked in the description, but it doesn't state whether it is just At&T unlocked so any simcard from any ISP will work, or what? I also see no indication anywhere that the GPS has been activated unless the unlocking from AT&T does that?

    It's fine if they don't activate the GPS, i would just like to do it myself then....the GPS working is kinda the crux on whether i'm going to buy the aircard or not

  20. jjdeluxe above mentioned connecting to a Sierra Wireless AC595U. What port under device manager do you use to initiate the hyperterm session?


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