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T-Mobile Wireless Pointer (Huawei E583C) Unlock

Here is the unlocker for you to download!

1) very fast (2-3 seconds)
2) Compatible with Xp, Vista and Win7
3) easy to use.


Download the program.
Run the program.

Donate via paypal and PASTE the confirmation number of your donation.
The transaction id should work after a minute from your donation.
Donate using the window opened by the program.

The code will work only on the PC you run the program.
This program works only with Huawei E583C.

Send me an email if you need an unlimited version.
(Unlimited number of unlocks)

If the program says "Connect card." that means that E583C drivers
are not installed correctly.
Remove any "wifi manager" and old drivers,
then reinstall E583C drivers from it's virtual cdrom.

Please be sure that you have run "autorun.exe" which should have
appeared in a pop-up window when you first inserted the Mifi.  This is
required to install all the drivers that are needed for the
modification.  If you have not done this
you may see a message "Connect card."

You also have to switch it ON pressing
 the button on the right side of the E583C.


  1. great work! Do you have any plans for a telnet enabler for this device? I wondered whether it was possible to customise the web interface :)

  2. No plans at the moment.. but I will look into it sooner or later.

  3. I have an unlocked T-Moile E583c, but UMTS 900MHz has been disabled in the T-Mobile firmware - do you have a solution for this, for example new firmware ?

  4. If you are sure 900mhz has been disabled (in nvram not in firmware really) then it can be enabled quite simply... But if the antenna is not connected or not tuned at that frequency then I can't help... In other words: I can't guarentee it but "available bands" is a simple setting.

  5. The 900Mhz UMTS setting is disabled in "available bands", only 2100MHz is available with the T-Mobile firmware.

  6. Yep.. that can be changed anyhow :)

  7. Tell me how !

    I am sure that the hardware is the same as the Hong Kong and Oz versions that support 900MHz.

  8. Hello,

    is there a way to change 'apn' 'login' and 'password' after unlocking the e583C ?

  9. Hi,
    I cannot change the APN.
    Is this still unlock.?
    I have different sim card with different APN

  10. No. Sometimes you must do a full reset of the device using the reset button.

  11. Any news on firmware for the T-Mobile E583C ?

  12. News? About what? My programs can unlock it already.

  13. I have an unlocked T-Mobile E583C, but the T-Mobile firmware doesn't allow it to work at 900MHz UMTS, which I need. So I need new firmware, merely unlocking it is not sufficient.

    I have another generic E583C, that one works at 900MHz UMTS, it is the T-Mobile firmware that is the problem.

  14. I can open all frequencies but sometimes the devices don't have a suitable ANTENNA.

  15. You can open all frecuencies... What do you require to do this? Can it be done online? Donation?
    As for the posibility the hardware is not adequate Ill take my chances, otherwise its useless for me.

  16. Send me an email. zibree at gmail dot com

  17. Sorry, it did work!! You need to setup the correct APN provider settings.

  18. Der neue Mifi Hotspot E583c von Huawei wurde nochmals verbessert gegenüber seinem Vorgänger E583 und mit einem OLED Display und – besonders wichtig – einem externen Antennenanschluss ausgestattet.

    Ein Vorteil von OLED-Displays gegenüber den herkömmlichen Flüssigkristallbildschirmen ist der sehr hohe Kontrast, da sie ohne Hintergrundbeleuchtung auskommen: Während LCDs nur als farbige Filter wirken, imitieren OLEDs farbiges Licht. Dieses Verfahren ist deutlich effizienter, wodurch OLEDs weniger Energie benötigen. Weniger Energieverbrauch bedeutet auch hier, mehr Akku für den mobilen Zugang.

    Dieses Modell spielt ganz klar in der Oberliga der mobilen Hotspots von Huawei die aktuell am Markt sind. Der neue Router für Unterwegs sieht richtig Klasse aus. Sein Äußeres im Business-Look sticht sofort ins Auge und der externe Antennenanschluss hilft dann, wenn die UMTS Versorgung schwach ist.

    Vorsicht Roaming auf Fahrten ins Ausland

    Die Roamingkosten deutscher SIM-Kartenanbieter sind immens teuer.
    Nutzen Sie auf Reisen nach Italien oderSpanien lieber eine Prepaid Daten SIM.
    Diese bietet u.a. der Augsburger AnbieterPrepaid-Global bequem, schnell, versandkostenfrei und mit deutscher Anleitung. Über Prepaid-Global wurde mehrfach von Computerbild und Connect berichtet und deren Daten SIM-Karten als “Spar-Karten” empfohlen.
    So surfen Sie ab 3 Cent pro MB mobil im schnellen UMTS-Netz des Reiselandes und sparen über 95% der Kosten ohne Vertrag oder Grundgebühr.
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    Für die kabellose Vernetzung von bis zu fünf Geräten sorgt der mobile Router von Huawei, der den mobilen Internetzugang unterwegs ermöglicht. Überall, wo ein UMTS- oder WLAN-Netz verfügbar ist, kann der Nutzer über sein Smartphone, iPad, iPod Touch, ein Netbook oder andere internetfähige Geräte mobil surfen mit nur einer SIM-Karte.

  19. I have the same issue, i need to enable band 900 mhz fot UMTS, i have a E583C from Tmobile UK, any info you can provide ?? thanks so much

  20. All bands can be enabledin software. The problem is that I'm not sure there is a suitable and working antenna inside.

  21. thank you for your response, regardless of the mifi not having a suitable antenna in the choices in the web interface it only shows 2100mhz therefore there is some type of locking happening

  22. Ive done extensive research and many people are having the same issue, what we need is a un-customized firmware, this units are sold with a customizeable firmware which locks different bands, etc... we need a fresh one, and so far noone has a solution, I am pretty sure we can make some donations to the right individual to spend some time helping us fix this issue, thanks in advance

  23. If that's the only problem you don't need any firmware.
    You just need to issue a standard command on the AT port so to search for all networks and not 2100 only.

  24. ok, would you be able to tell me how to do that ? or route me on the right direction?? thank you

  25. tried everything, nothing is available and those AT comands are for people that have extensive knowledge about unlocking these devices, what we need is a firmware that is unlocked, nothing for now, I guess all we can do is patiently wait...

  26. No.. you don't need a new firmware.
    If I have time I will code a program to change the band.

    Out of curiosity, how much would you be willing to pay for such a program? :)

  27. I would defenitly pay $10 for it, and i am sure you can sell it to a lot of people, theres many people blogging the problem and there's nothing now, and the device is brand new selling like water

  28. Please send me an email at zibree AT gmail...

  29. OK, dear bloggers, or better said dear E583C TMO UK, we are on the hunt to enable the additional frequencies (1900MHZ and 900MHZ), to do so Zibri would need one of these units donated to him, so if anyone has the ability to, please let him know through this very blog, thanks a million

  30. I bought a E583C from T-mobile Uk, and I want to use it in Canada, the frequencies available in the setup for 3g shows only WCDMA 2100. I like to use HSPA 850/1900/2100 MHz;is there a way to unlock it ?

  31. My program unlocks the device.
    And you can also use EDGE to connect.
    For specifications, software cannot create hardware :)

  32. I know I can use EDGE, but I like to use 3G, which is faster.
    The device I use is unlocked.
    Do you have a program which enables the 1900MHZ frequency, which is used in Canada ?
    Thank your very much for your support

  33. Yes, I made another (unreleased) program to enable all frequencies but enabling them in software does NOT guarantee there is support in your hardware!
    Some models miss the antenna for that frequency.

  34. I have the Hardware Version: WL1E583CT002_E583C-1
    I do not know if it will work with the 1900 MHZ frequency, but I like to try your program. How would I be able to obtain it ?
    thanks a lot

  35. What HSPA/UMTS bands are supported on the factory unlocked Huawei E583C device? It is 900/1900/2100 or 900/2100 only?

  36. I purchase the key. Installed the .NET 4 and the software from the Huawei. The Huawei is connected to the PC with the USB. When I run your software and enter the receipt # I gives a message that the device can not be found. Huawei is a T-Mobile UK unit and I have try it with 2 different computers with Win 7 and XP

  37. Please read the instructions inside the ZIP file of the application.

    You must install the SERIAL DRIVERS.
    I wonder how COULD YOU PURCHASE the key if the card is not recognized.

    The unlock key must be purchased FROM THE APPLICATION.

    Anything else is a normal donation and has nothing to do with the unlock.

  38. I re-read the instruction on the E5 locker. The unit is connected with the usb cable. Ran the autorun from the unit. I ran the E5 program and entered the paypal receipt and after a while I get Network Error. I enter the unit with its IP to see if there is anything for serial and I can not find anything.

  39. As written in the included instructions, Network error means the program can't reach paypal to check the code.
    Please connect the pc to the internet using an ethernet cable.

  40. Why is the E5 unlocker not launching anything for me to make the donation? It takes me to the 'enter confirmation number' screen but there is no where to actually 'buy' or 'donate'

  41. Enter BUY instead of the code.
    In doubt, read the instructions inside the zip file ;)

  42. Any news on the T-Mobile UK Wireless Pointer(E583C) and the enabling of the 900Mhz band?

  43. This is in a league of its' own as far as am concerned.

    It does the whole damn thing with no need to click on this, do that or reboot the device. All done for you. At this price you are paying for something that 'just works'.

    And do follow the instructions.

    I clicked on the donate link and sent E5. The confirmation number won't work, no matter how much money you send.

    The app pops a box up which you need to heed. Type buy into that box and you're taken to a pp site with E15 already set.

    Perhaps zibri could make this more simple by removing the donate link on this page?

  44. Well I think that reading the instructions included with the program is not a huge demand!

  45. i have unlock T-mobile device with maximum "Connected Devices" of 5, your software can raise this number to 10?


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