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New iPhone 4 unveiled!

Here we go (for real!).
Let's sum it up:
960x640 display (ips and 800:1 contrast ratio)
HSDPA/HSUPA connectivity.
720p @ 30fps video recording and editing.
A gyroscope!
5 MP camera.
Front-facing camera and obviously,
video calls.
FLASH! (led flash :P )

I think you know all other features.
The most interesting one IMHO is the gyroscope
and the ANTENNA which is now the border of the phone.
That should guarantee a MUCH better signal.

(You read this here first, remember!)

What to say... I think I'll accept this one as a gift (not like the iPad).

If you want to send me one, I'll see what I can do with it



  1. Just a note:
    Apple renamed the iPhone OS (osx tailored to the iPhone) as IOS...

    Is CISCO listening!?!?!?!

    I-O-S !


  2. Another note:

    aside of gaming, a gyroscope+compass+accelerometer could do even better than a GPS... :D

  3. i will wait for your jailbreak / unlock.

    no one will make it better than the 1 and only ZIBRI!!

    again, Zibri FTW!!

  4. you must have opened a iphone 2g before. That model already used the bezel an backcover as the antenna. if you take the plastic antenna cover off you will see the middel screw holding the back cover is also making direct conact on a bare piece of antenna film. If you take the bezel of, you wil found a litlle folded piece of metal that makes contact the same way on the bezel. So where is al the fuzz about.

  5. No fuzz at all. As I said I won't buy it :)
    I was just doing an early report.


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