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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Huge bug in's the exploit!

A huge bug has been found in IE7 and IE8

If your browser is bugged, and if you are running XP and IE7/IE8,
this site will harmlessly launch SOLITAIRE on your PC,
but keep in mind that with this bug around anyone
can execute ANYTHING on your pc

Click here to run the exploit



slackerbri said...

Thank you Z, much appreciated

Lazza said...

I was asked by the browser if I wanted to let the site launch a program. It didn't start automatically.

Zibri said...


with ie7 or ie8?

I think the bug was addressed in the latest windows updates.

George Timmermans said...

From today, eset nod32 reports it as a trojan and blocks the site from opening untill you disable web acces protection.

Zibri said...

Yep. I will remove the exploit and link it elsewhere for people to try it.. Let me know if it works :)

George Timmermans said...

Eset still reports a html exploit but allows the page to load instead of blocking it completely

Zibri said...

@Joris Timmermans

what's the script the program is reporting?

George Timmermans said...

sorry for the late reply, I hope this is any use to you. Good luck with your projects.

Zibri said...

@ Joris that's your cache... and the ie7_exploit on webalice is an harmless proof of concept..

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