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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Android, no deep sleep problem: SOLVED.

In the last few weeks I noticed a heavy battery drain on my Galaxy Note 3, which has always been perfect battery-wise.
After further inspection I noticed that the phone stopped to go to "deep sleep" when it was connected to my home WiFi.
I even banned my phone from my LAN, just to exclude any external cause.
Nothing changed.
I checked the wakelocks and didn't see anything "strange".
After a few days of inspecting and testing, I found nothing.
But that nothing, meant something: no application was to blame.
Apparently it was the O.S.
I didn't factory restore my phone, because I "sensed" that restoring the backups I may be facing the same problem again.
Excluding the apps, and after checking all settings (and finding nothing was wrong) ,and thinking "out of the box" I came with a "stupid" theory:
what if a bug or a glitch messed up some internal settings?
What if one of my many tests launching "actions" (using activity launcher) saved something wrong somewhere?

Well, I then did this test worked!
My phone isn't insomniac anymore and the battery lasts 3 days on standby and almost 2 days on a medium usage.

And here we go with the simple solution that worked for me.
It may do nothing to you if you have other issues,
but it's worth a try.

Connect the phone (any android phone, because this problem has been reported on many different handsets) and, from your computer, use ADB as follows:

adb shell pm clear

adb reboot

That's it.
You will have then to setup again the main settings only (lock and home screen images, basic customizations, etc)


Zibri said...

This procedure just revived a Note3 which was upgraded to lollipop and had a very high power consumption and lags.

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