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Friday, May 24, 2013

NETGEAR AirCard Unlock Download!

Set this (or any NetGear/Sierra Wireless AirCard) beauty FREE!
Unlock it and use it with any SIM
you want.
Download the program.
This unlocker works with ANY Sierra Wireless pr NetGear Aircard
modem (usb/pcmcia) with just a click!
For any problem, email me and timezone aside,
I will promptly answer you and give you a solution!
Please READ the included instructions.


Jared Abernathy said...

it says connect card?

Zibri said...

When anything else fails, read the included instructions! :)

sotxindonesia said...

is it free or need to purchase something from you ? if yes then how much would be ? thanks

Zibri said...

You must download the program, read the instructions, run it and purchase your unlock.

方包超人 said...

does it support sierra 760s?

Zibri said...

Yes. And if you have problems you can email me and we can solve the problem or you will be refunded. (never happened)

Joki Kapcai said...

hi, zibri. Sprint Sierra Wireless Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot can using this program or not.

jam2805 said...

unlock is online or after to pay you'll send me a email whit instruccions to unlock ?

Zibri said...

The program needs to be online. Please read the instructions iside the zip file.

SierraUser said...

This program is not working in windows 8.1.
I have referred your instruction in the zip file. Each time I try this program, nothing pops-up and in my process window, I do not see any process referring the unlocker software.

Zibri said...

Please update .NET:

najmi said...

pls help me fix the problem of my device Sierra Wireless 754s SIM MEP Locked.can u contact from my email

MaryJohn said...

good one

Murtaza Haveliwala said...

can you unlock netgear AC790S pocket router

Zibri said...

If you send me one I can try.

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