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Friday, January 25, 2013

AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G Unlock Download!

Set this beauty FREE!
Unlock it and use it with any SIM
you want.
Download the program.
This unlocker works with ANY Sierra Wireless
modem (usb/pcmcia) with just a click!
For any problem, email me and timezone aside,
I will promptly answer you and give you a solution!
Please READ the included instructions.


Zibri said...

All models include:
4G LTE U330 Turbo Stick (AirCard 330U)
AirCard 313U
AirCard 326U
AirCard 330U
AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G
AT&T USBConnect Momentum 4G
Rogers LTE Rocket Mobile Hotspot (AirCard 763S)
Sprint 3G/4G USB 250U
AirCard 313U
AirCard 318U
AirCard 319U
AirCard 320U
AirCard 503
AirCard 754S
AirCard 762S
AirCard 763S
AirCard Hub
AirCard USB 307
AirCard USB 308
AirCard USB 309
AirCard USB 598
AirLink Fastrack Xtend EDGE FXT009 /FXT002
AirLink Fastrack Xtend GPRS FXT001
AirLink Fastrack Xtend HSPA FXT003
AirLink GL61x0
AirLink GX400
AirLink GX440
AirLink Helix RT
AirLink MP 597
AirLink MP 890
AirLink MP 895
AirLink PinPoint X EV-DO
AirLink PinPoint X HSPA
AirLink PinPoint X HSUPA
AirLink PinPoint XT EV-DO
AirLink PinPoint XT GPRS
AirLink Raven X EV-DO
AirLink Raven X HSPA
AirLink Raven X HSUPA
AirLink Raven XE EV-DO
AirLink Raven XE HSPA
AirLink Raven XE HSUPA
AirLink Raven XT EV-DO
AirLink Raven XT GPRS
AirPrime MC Series
AirPrime Q24 Series
AirPrime Q26 Elite
AirPrime Q26 Extreme
AirPrime Q2668
AirPrime Q2686
AirPrime Q2687
AirPrime Q2698
AirPrime Q64
AirPrime SL501x
AirPrime SL6087
AirPrime SL808x
AirPrime SL809x
AirPrime WISMO218
AirPrime WISMO228
AirPrime WMP100
AirPrime WMP120
AirPrime WMP150
AirPrime WMP50
AirPrime WS6318
AirPrime XM0110
AT&T AirCard 890
AT&T USBConnect Lightning
AT&T USBConnect Shockwave
BigPond Ultimate Mobile Wi-Fi
BigPond USB 4G (AirCard 320U)
Clear 4G plus Mobile USB (Series S)
Clear Spot 4G plus
Compass 889
Elite Express (AirCard 503)
Elite USB (USB 308)
Overdrive 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot
Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot
Sprint 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotspot
Telstra Mobile Wi-Fi 4G
Telstra Ultimate (AirCard 312U)
Telstra Ultimate Mobile Broadband Wi-Fi
Telstra USB 4G (AirCard 320U)
Turbo 7plus Series Express Card (AirCard 880Eplus)
TWC 250U
TWC IG2 Mobile Hotspot
TWC IntelliGo (W801) Mobile Hotspot
AirCard 310U
AirCard 312U
AirCard 402
AirCard 880E
AirCard USB 301
AirCard USB 302
AirCard USB 305
AirCard USB 306
AirCard USB 308
AirLink Fastrack Supreme
AirLink MP 595
AirLink MP 595W
AirLink MP 875
AirLink MP 880W
AirLink MP 881W
AirPrime Fastrack GO
AirPrime Q2438
AirPrime Q2687 Classic
AirPrime Q52 Omni
Compass 888
Compass 889
Express 21 (USB 306)
Telstra Elite (USB 306)
AirCard 501
AirCard 555
AirCard 580
AirCard 595
AirCard 595U
AirCard 597E
AirCard 750
AirCard 750 plus
AirCard 775
AirCard 850
AirCard 860
AirCard 875
AirCard 875U
AirCard 880
AirCard 880E
AirCard 880U
AirCard 881U
AirCard USB 302
AirLink Host RJ-11 IP Gateway
AirLink Junxion Box 110
AirLink Junxion Box 120
AirLink MP 555
AirLink MP 750
AirLink MP 775
AirLink PinPoint 1x
AirLink PinPoint EDGE
AirLink PinPoint iDEN
AirLink PinPoint X HSDPA
AirLink PinPoint-E EDGE
AirLink PinPoint-E EV-DO
AirLink Raven 1x
AirLink Raven EDGE
AirLink Raven iDEN
AirLink Raven X HSDPA
AirLink Raven-E 1x
AirLink Raven-E EDGE
AirLink Raven-E EV-DO
AirLink Raven-E iDEN
AirLink Redwing
AirLink RJ-11 IP Gateway
AirPrime GR64
AirPrime Integra M2106Plus
AT&T AirCard 881
AT&T USBConnect 881
AT&T USBConnect Mercury
Compass 597
Compass 885
Other Legacy Wavecom Products
Telstra Turbo (USB 301)

Unknown said...

hi my AT&T Mobile Hotspot Elevate 4G is locked by the stupid mep code, i have downloaded your program but it shows "unhandled exceptions occurred ...bla bla bla", please kind advise. thank you.

Zibri said...

You must read the included instructions. Update all .NET versions from 4.0 to 4.5 and connect the device (turned on) using the usb cable.

droide said...

On instructions it not say cost of unlock. Here say donate. Is this the way?

Zibri said...

RUN THE PROGRAM, connect the card. The program tells you how much to donate depending on the model.

MANUEL said...

hey zibri the program doesnt give me the option to donate so what should i do ?

Zibri said...

Just read the instructions inside the zip file. You must enter BUY instead of the code.

Tiến Nguyễn said...

only one way is buy it, not donate. i see it in your intruction

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