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Monday, April 23, 2012

Benchmark your reaction times!

Catch the ghost!

I wrote this program to test your reaction times.
Start the program then click your mouse when the "ghost" shows.
After ten times the program will tell you your timings and
offer to save a screenshot (in the current directory) and
optionally upload it to an image hosting service.

It's useful to test (and improve) your reaction times and to
check your reaction times during the day; try it at different times
and you will see that your results will change.

A similar approach should be used IMHO to start your car;
in this way if you drank too much, or if you are too sleepy,
your car will just not start :)

Again. this program is donation-ware: if you like it and use it
regularly, hit the donation button.

the main difference between this program and many others you
may find online, is that this program uses
high resolution (and very accurate)
timers which are not available in modern browsers.

Upon request I can code customized versions.



Avira or some other antiviruses may say there's a virus in this program.
It's a false positive and it happens only because the code is protected.

If you can't run the program,
download the latest libraries from


Anonymous said...

My first try:

Zibri said...

Try it again and again and you will improve!
Also, try it at different times in your day and you will see it changes :D

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