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Friday, November 18, 2011

Softbank C01HW (E5832) Unlock download!

Softbank C01HW (E5832) UNLOCK added.
A new unlocker has born.

This one allows you to unlock *ANY* Huawei "E5" model.
Set your device FREE from it's chains!
All download links in previous posts now point to this version.
Instructions are included in the zip file.


Avnerus said...

Thank you Zibri for everything!
I have used your activator to successfully unlock Softbank's C01HW.
All I needed to do after unlocking was to go into the management console on (user: admin, password: device's WEP key), go into 3G settings/Profile Settings, rename the profile and edit the settings according to my provider, save and then in Connection Settings choose the profile I have just created. Restarted the device and it worked!
Keep up the good work

lclc said...

I couldn't change dial up number of C01HW'profile.
How to change?

Zibri said...

You must go to

Login with usertname/password Admin (with a capital A)

Create a new profile for your carrier then set it as the default.

Tuxedomoon said...

I am getting the message "connect card" what does it means? what am I am doing wrong?

Zibri said...

It means you didn't read the instructions inside the zip file :)

You must first install the serial drivers from the card's "cd"

avee said...

just purchased one. when I try to unlock the device e5832s (megafon russia) it says "network error". and the code doesnt work for the second time when i try to use it to unlock the same device

Zibri said...

@avee: please read the instructions inside the zip file.

avee said...

well - had some problems, but did just as you said in your e-mail and 2 minutes later IT WORKS!!! Thanks a lot, Zibri!!!

Lub@ said...

I had same troubles with "Connect card" message - Instructions doesn't tell me anything about "You must first install the serial drivers from the card's "cd"" and no CD provided with my card. After installing "WEB partner" from device it start to work - maybe it can help somebody.

Ramirez said...

Hey Zibri, am trying to unlock my E585 from 3 UK. I have followed your instructions perfectly, installed the 3Mobile drivers first, Windows 7 says the drivers are installed, etc... I do have the latest .Net Framework version 4. so in short, I remove the battery ad SIM, turn it back on without SIM, connect the MiFi to the Windows7 PC, run your latest program, it may times says "connect card" even though it is already connected. Then eventually after I unplug it and plug it back in it will say "Connected", then it says initializing, then..... booom. I get this error (next comment)

Zibri said...

You must install the serial drivers from the "fake cdrom" that appears in My Computer when you connect the device.

RW said...

Hi, is there any chance to put E586 into the list.

Thanks a lot

Zibri said...

I'm working on it, but I don't have enough spare time at the moment :(

mereldar said...

How to enable telnet on E5832S? The utility for E5830 stays on "Connect Card". Thanks!

Zibri said...

That's because the utility is for E5830 and not for e5832s! (Did I need to say that???)

Alexandre said...

Yes I think you need to say that Zibri because on your page it says with your own words: "This one allows you to unlock *ANY* Huawei "E5" model"

You should correct it so that people understand that it's not *ANY* E5 model...

Zibri said...

Excuse me, this is the telnet post:

It clearly states that's for E5830.

Zibri said...

About the unlocker, it can handle all e585 models. Unlocking has nothing to do with telnet.

mereldar said...

Okay, so, there is no way to enable telnet on E5832S?

Zibri said...

There's always a way around things.. I just don't had the time to inspect that.

markzhang said...

HI, Zibri

Does your program support Softbank C01HW?
I use your program, but how can I get the unlock key? I tried to connect to the driver, but nothing reply

Zibri said...

Yes! It works. Please read the instructions inside the zip file.
First thing you need to uinstall the driver.

japanese user said...

Hi Zibri got the card unlocked ok but cant connect to the internet displaying "no service" with docomo usim in japan have I done something wrong?

Zibri said...

I don't know.. you must configure the card for the new provider. But "no service" seems to mean the card can't lock to the provider's frequency.

japanese user said...

I use C01HW.
SoftBank sells C01HW as "overseas SIM unlocked" in Japan.
Bat C01HW is "SIM locked" in Japan.
Called "network lock", maybe C01HW dont display NTT docomo network(MCC=440,MNC=10,UMTS 2100).
I use docomo network with same usim, same place and another SIM unlocked modem.
Perhaps similar to "Huawei E585 Vodafone australia lock" case.
Please unlock C01HW in Japan.

Zibri said...

My program can unlock C01HW!
When it's locked it shows "wrong sim".
"no service" has nothing to do with the unlock.

msi324 said...

hello Zibri,
please help me, i want to unlocked my huwei C01HW
please teach how?

Zibri said...

Download my program and read the instructions.

mmm said...

I couldn't run the program on windows 8.
Did I do something wrong?

Zibri said...

I don't know. I don't have windows 8. The program is fully tested under windows 7 32 and 64 bit.

阿呆 said...

thanks for the E5_Unlocker.

softbank's c01hw is supported by the program?docomo's sim card can be used on it?
if can't ,refund is ok?

Zibri said...

Yes, and no.

Yes: it's supported and proved to work.
No: no refunds because it just works if you follow the included instructions.

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