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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mobitel E5830 (E5830S) Unlock download!

E5830 from Mobitel (E5830S) UNLOCK added.
A new unlocker has born.
This one allows you to unlock *ANY* Huawei "E5" model.
Set your device FREE from it's chains!
All download links in previous posts now point to this version.
Instructions are included in the zip file.


Curiosu said...

Hi, is there any chance to recover a bricked E5832S ( was wrongly loaded with an E5832 firmware :( ) ?
The modem still shows in the device manager with the UI com port, the update program sees it but the update fails :(.
Is there anything I can do with it anymore ?


Zibri said...

Please send me a direct email. (you should have it if you donated)

Mauricio said...

It worked flawlessly on my Huawei E5830S. Highly recommended.

markcaballar said...

I had issues unlocking an E5832 model but Zibri replied to my email right away and I was able to do so from his help. Thanks man!

Matt said...

Highly recommended. I went out and bought a SIM upon getting to London and dropped it in my previously locked device and it works like a charm after adding the new profile.

Fredrik said...

I probably goofed up and didn't follow the instructions but Zibri's support was well worth the €15 donation. Initially I felt a bit worried but he/she(?) responded quickly to my email with good advice on how to proceed.

Zibri said...

Definately HE :)

Iulian said...

Some news about D'smartTV ?

Zibri said...

There are some... but of a different kind.
I can't release the details now :)

Unknown said...

Hi Zibri, i read that 5832 is dual band, has the 900 Mhz network, this unlock applies to 5832 because i will like to use it on 900

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