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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Commodore 64's Archon on the iPad!

Since I loved and owned the original Archon version on the Commodore 64,
I wanted to have it on my iPad too. Not the new version.
So I added it manually to the C64 App.
(Read video details to learn how to do it.)
(Sorry for the background noise)



Matt said...

Hey zibri, how about a zipad?(could double as ziphone4 maybe?)

Zibri said...

heheheh who knows what will happen :)

jm said...

o ziphone4, where are you?

will it ever happen?



Zibri said...

Why so? Comex did a great work (ZiPhone style) and I thing george hotz did a good work too lately...

But thanks for not forgetting :)

Unknown said...

will we ever see you back on jailbreaking?

hows your kid doing?

Zibri said...

My kid is doing really fine...
And he loves the iPad :)
Thanks for asking.

About jailbreaking, I like every day less the jb community... they (we at the time) started as heroes but now they just seem to me a bunch of pirates and as a developer I don't like that.

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