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YouTube transcripts are not QUITE perfect...

Do you want to laugh out loud?!
Go to YouTube and enable subtitles to this iPad video:

Here is a full transcription:

it is true win-win something
it's seats your ability to understand how
it works
it's it it becomes magical
and and that's exactly what the electorate
hope to see you have some
since finances
I call it was a
and we've learned so much from
and it helps so many basic technology of the
applications the baltic countries are going
to face
it was truly incredible
we wanted to take over
I'm to hold a possible
the new experience
it's going to change
it's the way we can
things we do every day
they support it
he's pretty much too
single piece of mao as well
and that's it
that isn't even a single currency
there's no obvious
he's in the right way wrong way of home
I think to change myself
should the product it treats me
we looked at the device undecided
to redesign
let's meet design really mentioned
every single act
hold on
specifically for the eye
with this larger display
the facts that are just
a little bit
and their smaller counterparts
in the past there
order of magnitude
I've had is the best way
two grounds
the reasons they just
to hold a book
or a magazine or newspaper in your hands you
read them
to hold
the internet in your hand
as the surface
this heart
you can just see
more of the west
as your service
digging your time
you can see all the top stories
the rolls right
he's seen some
history shows
it's completely natural think about it
I tried to use the world-class female
it's incredibly fun
but very productive
if you go through
why is it you know really quickly
and it's fun because
you're too tall to him
we want to pose a new message
the keyboard automatically slides up from
the bottom
and this can work
practically the same size
as a laptop
if you want to focus on a single message
this routine portrait
everything else
it's out of the way seek to concentrate on
a continent care
I've had is absolutely the best way
did you share photos
the scene
every one of your albums their as just a stack
of photos
and you can just
polls show Clinton key
the nasdaq
in children
I look upon her vote
you're sure that friend
look over the eye that
and I think automatically flips the photo
to the trek to ring to it
this is the unbelievable
device for Washington
user interface the bill for this
when you see something
the treasury your fingertips transplant
there's no joy
quality in this video
isn't he said
the double to have the little holes screen
there's a built-in incredible amount of attention
it's really facts
we traded
McCain on the other
I thought he'd ever seen him before
another apple really excited about this called
I thought
the couple
with a high risk going to split
reading the book
he's just such a pleasure
and not only
can you read books on
what do you like actually
flips over
to repeal
a bookstore behind
with half of your finger
you can purchase doula
I mean the police are treating it
police in almost two hours
oh no I can't
the itunes store
the gap store and now the eyeball
we still see I can
to run for sure
of more than a hundred and
thousand that's available on the answer
as well as the lines
party dallas onto your life
the that she's every day
and all the game he loved playing
flying a kite
with the release of the I've had its decay
developers we feel think that's specifically
so there's dan fields
new gold rush
the eye passed
his the most advanced piece of technology
that I've ever worked
the innovation of new products really starts
with small protection self this small to touch
is the largest that we've ever built a product
and then it's on multicultural besides that
you really feel the power and performance
that want to touch
by putting well over a thousand sensors
this small touches on
the level of all the projects receive it
experience is some precedent
when you take the product out of the box it
the display immediately comes to life
and I think our customers experience with
while this is
relief flights
the back way the system is a week
and only deals with you
christmas and color quality
indeed the splits up beyond that we use our
i'd guess is a premium display technology
the future not only
great experience with directly out that the
but also all things were when you're shooting
the device for some
the reason why this product response
so well
you really feel that
this because of the cost some sort
that we designed for
but silicon is called the phone
and it's really built are hard working in
and what that gives you as well
performance that you can achieve any other
it also gives you the efficiency
to achieve the battering that lasts all day
apple's the one place
in the region
improved battery technology
chip technology
we bring all those things together
in a way that no one else can do it
for the future to sign a black eye
it was an affordable price
usually win
the latest technology start a high price
over time
what's going to happen
we want to do with it
take all this advanced technology
harvard's awful
christofias to the hands
but as many people as possible
right from the start
yeah I've had starts just worn out
it's really exciting
these see the
we begin in just a minute
the season you can't agree
millions and millions of
adding to the instantly from the with taken
in many ways these the study finds out


  1. Note: if you use the translate transcript feature you can even laugh more..

    An example in italian language:

  2. I wonder how long it took you to copy all the subtitles from the YouTube video. Unless you made some sort of "sub ripping" tool.

  3. No time. I downloaded the subs from youtube and converted into a readable form.


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