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Friday, January 29, 2010

About the iPad.

Enough said.



Timothy said...

So true. The other thing I wanted was a Verizon iPhone.

I wish you would re-develop the program to change the IMEI number. I'd like to change it to my BB phone so I can stay with the EDGE service, rather than go to a crappy 3G that I will rarely use.

If I can't find something, I'll end up cancelling my data plan.

I understand your concern for those who would use the ability to change the IMEI number for ill, but it really hurts us honest (poor grad student) folks.

Zibri said...

The program was only for iphones, I can do the same thing on sierrawireless cards as well. But it's not a universal program, I have to code a different one for every phone or 3g card.

jm said...

Hey Zibri,

Can u give me little information what u r doing lately? Some nice projects?

J. (from Holland)

Zibri FTW!!

Zibri said...

Well at the moment I just finished reversing all SierraWireless 3g cards & modules security.
I'm now able to unlock and fully reprogram, ANY card/module, change the imei, add features (like gps and voice) etc etc..

jm said...


and... last question..

ever thought about a blackberry hack?

Keep it up.


Anonymous said...

How about an exploit for the 3.1.3 firmware? PLEASE... ;)

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