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Chrome+YouTube=ZiTube ! :)

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Hello again!
As you can see from the image above I coded a simple
extension for Chrome.
After installing the extension from HERE you will have
more fun and freedom on youtube.
I know there are many extensions and script around,
but, believe it or not, this extension is made
of only 7 lines of javascript (for now).
It also grabs the download URL in a very different way.
As of now, this script won't work if you enabled the "feather"
option on youtube, but I keep updating the extension, so it will.
Feel free to leave me a feedback and any suggestion.

Have fun,


  1. until i can get in touch with somebody high in the apple empire, the "device" might be going into googles hands (hopefully next week)...

  2. actually, im so disappointed with everybody in the jailbreaking community, im actually goona ask you to please cancel my last request. but, if you want, i dont want any jailbreaks anymore, so it would be great to see a "virus only for jailbroken devices", lol. but the decision is up to you.

  3. Hi Zib is this only for chrome? I'm on IE8, I was using firefox but updated to win7 and I'm too lazy to unstall it again and I don't like Chrome, though I'm really waiting to try Chrome OS

  4. Ok soy I caved in and installed Chrome but I just can't enable the extensions, I modified the thingy in the shortcut icon but nothing happens and I don't think I'm capable of the other way I read, any advices?
    Thanks :)

  5. On a MAC you have to install the latest SVN version (beta) of chrome.

    On Windows I am using beta 4.0

  6. hello zibri,

    finally im an iphone developer!!!!!! but im worried that my apps will be pirated. is there anyway that i can protect my apps?

  7. @mitchellbernstein:

    Yes: don't publish them :)

    Now you understand why people want to 'jailbreak'.

  8. lol. i see. but why can't apple make an update to prevent it? (apple doesn't really think hard enough)

    O yeah, i forgot to use my other google account. (Joe) We are the same person, duh

  9. They do.. they just can't beat the whole world.
    Anyhow, if Apple doesn't pull the rope too much the jalbreak 'community' will be just a buch of pirates. Nothing more.
    But if they do like with the first iPhone.. then they will pay the consequences.

  10. o well. you win some and you lose some :)
    it's too bad. somebody should make a code to prevent apps from being cracked.

  11. How naive... such code does not and can never exist.
    You can make things difficult. So difficult it's not even worth cracking them, but you can't avoid cracking in any way.

  12. Ciao Zibri!
    Non mi si installa l'estensione: ho Chrome per Osx. Il messaggio esatto รจ questo: Errore nell'installazione dell'estensione. Extensions are not enabled.

  13. For OSX you have to use the "SVN" version of chrome beta 4.

    Come puoi vedere le estensioni in quella versione sono disabilitate. Devi usare la versione SVN della beta 4.0 per osx.

  14. Now it's out! Please, please, please, build the bridge from the iPad to the jailbreaking community. :)

  15. No, I won't even buy it. If someone will send me one I'll see what I can do. If not, peace ;)

  16. workin on it :) hopefully my apps will make a lot of money considering im pretty young, lol


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