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Obfuscation will never work.

Hello again, sweet readers !

OpenRG is an embedded OS for routers.
It's based on Linux and it's inside many ISP
routers out there.

Inside OpenRG configuration file,
passwords appear in a way that can seem
to be crypted, but it's just obfuscated.

For example:

Above you can see a simple deobfuscator.

You can try it with:




  1. Nice find Zibri!
    My router works fine except for the flaky wifi part.. Will look into this!


  2. Italian speaking people can read the explanation here:,

  3. Great, you saved me lot of trouble with my Pirelli modem :) Thanx soooooooo much!

  4. Hey Zibri! How about the new ziphone version? Any informatione about it?

  5. so this basically de-encodes the password to access a wireless modem? and what do I need to see the encoded password?

  6. you should put an eye on the motorola droid! I would love it if you were the one who unlocked it! Still have plenty of faith in you man! keep it up!

  7. Hey Zibri, I have a question: Why did you leave the JB Community and stop creating jbs?

  8. John.. hmm for the moment.. yes..
    I could come back in a near future or on the next product (tablet?)

  9. Another question directed a Zibri... Why don't you make a Custom Firmware for PS3 or PSP... The scene for PS3 hacking/back-up loading hasen't even begun... Everybody's waiting for the new PSP to get hacked..... Hope you reply...

  10. +1 on the ps3 custom firmware, hate that I have to convert .mkv files to .mpg :(

  11. Send me a ps3 then... I still have my faithful ps2 .. yah I know.. I'm not a gamer :)

  12. I'm sure if you post on your blog that you want a PS3 to do some testing/hacking somebody will give you one. After all your Zibri, famous iPhone hacker. :) I hope you take my advice seriously.

  13. i do believe there is a product coming your way to jailbreak.... so keep an eye out...

  14. @Joe:
    Like what?

    I won't do that.. I have too many things now.
    And I usually don't ask.
    As I said I'm not into gaming so much.

  15. @Zibri & @Joe Are you referring to the Apple Tablet rumour??

  16. (password(&ce;hW&c9;&9e; Y&d3;))
    how can me know hash and how decrpt this

  17. Sorry.. the "cat" was out of order. Now it's fixed. :D

  18. hi bro how or what this hash type
    (password(&ce;hW&c9;&9e; Y&d3;))
    how u know hash type
    md5 or what
    if u can help me what tools u use

  19. it's NOT a hash. It's an obfuscated string.


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